DC Universe ✪


So our society is improving in one unimportant way.

I voted for him to live because the Titans version of Jason Todd is a douche and a pleasure and I want him to live a long and happy life.

Also, it would be interesting to see where they take his character without killing him. May just have the joker torture him into being a villain like Return of the Joker.


It’s debatable whether the original poll was for real anyways, and some people think DC was always going to kill him off regardless.


Watching young justice outsiders now. There’s already a marriage proposal, so those characters are fucked. Black Lightning’s ex-wife is john Stewart’s sister!. Megan feels more comfortable in her skin. There’s a reference to batman incorporated. The opening title gives me chills, and the ending credits are more creative then usual too.


We got baby Jonathan, and name drops for Victor and Dr. Stone this week. Baby Damien and amnesiac Jason Todd last week.



Damn this is great. Hopefully they keep this universe going for a while longer.



Marathoning Young Justice. Oh my god it’s so good.

Harper Row just showed up :open_mouth:


As of tomorrow my three free months from preordering a years’ worth of service is complete. My renewal date is Feb 6, 2020.

Gotta say, I feel like the cost has more than been justified by the content released so far. Titans and Young Justice s3 on their own are extremely compelling, but throw the comics and two-weeks-later releases of the animated movies? Hell fucking yeah.

This is the service I always dreamed DC would create. (Well, I do wish their comics back catalogue was more consistent, reliable, and robust, but I believe that’ll be solved in time. And if I’m being super idealistic, I’d love to see the CW shows on there, even if after a time delay like the Netflix deal.)


Can we talk about young justice now?




People were being disappointed that Terra is a mole, as if that isn’t her defining characteristic. However, I think cyborg, halo, and Dr. Jace are moles as well. Halo and Cyborg aren’t willing miles though.

I desperately need to see prince Arthur become Kaldur’s aqualadd in season four.

Episode 12 made this easily the best version of beast boy.


I kept waiting for Halo to be revealed as the villain of the week and it never happened. Something about her introduction just felt off.

Cyborg could be a walking Father Box, yeah. I really dig this “twist” on the origin (not being a Mother Box.)

Season 3 feels like the scope of season two but the focus of season one, which I’m not sure I dig exactly. I kinda wish it jumped around between different teams like season two.

And this is just me being a whiny bitch of a fan, but I’m disappointed in Timmy’s representation so far… I like his hinted relationship with Cassie, but I don’t dig him stealing Damian’s hood. And also just not being Red Robin, tbh.

I wish we saw more of this universe. Need some spinoff shows. I’d watch the fuck out of a Gotham-only show in the YJ verse.


I suspect the second half will focus more on other teams. After it gets out that the team leaders are working together all the heroes will have to regroup.

I like the focus. It’s like season 2 if there was a constant plot to follow from the beginning.

I’m just worried they’re going to retread some of Blue Beatle’s arc with cyborg.

Young Justice had me wanting Flash and Green arrow family shows before Green Arrow and The Flash. But yeah the world is so big that they could make spinoffs for anything from Doom Patrol to the Forever People.


Aww yeah. This is so great to see. :smiley:

This is what I always told the casual moviegoers who think DC is just the live action movies. No, that shit’s all Warner Bros. The actual DC stuff is for the most part consistently good, especially on TV.

Glad I locked down that 1 year membership. :smiley:


DCU finally becomes what I always wanted and always wished DC would make. This is amazing.

The 12-month lag stings compared to Marvel but committing to releasing (pretty much) ALL comics older than a year is a HUGE step up. I have absolutely no problem recommending the service now, and my lone complaint (other than minor UI tweaks) is now utterly fixed.



My boyfriend subscribed to DCU and we are now big fans of Doom Patrol


Excellent. I need to catch up though.


We have tried to watch Titans but it doesn’t click for us the same way Doom Patrol has.


I agree, but somehow I did finish Titans. Like every other episode of Titans did something I really like.


What in the fuck…