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Perhaps because I jumped into Arrow at the end of last year, this slum period is so much more magnified. It’s all I know.

That Asian girl from The Wolverine looks GOOOOD though I will admit. I didn’t know she had it like that without her Burgundy Wolverine wig on. Like she’s hot. No bangs.I’m crushing.


Yeah she was weird looking on Wolverine. She was recently on Game of Thrones and looked great too.


Here’s to hoping Arrow season 4 gets back on track! :beer;


Honest to goodness. I fell asleep right at the beginning of the Arrow Finale. Miraculously, I woke right back up at the beginning of Supernatural.

And I’m okay with this.


C’mon man!
Check out my new tshirt i got yesterday.

I watched the season finale of Arrow
and all i got was a 1 minute cameo.


That Flash finale was silly. I guess that’s one way to ensure me tuning back in. Neat to see the shot of Hawkgirl at the end, too.


Was that the chick with the teeth sticking out? lol


Probably. I can’t say I looked that closely. She was the same one in the Legends of Tomorrow video they put out the other day. Looks neat if you haven’t seen it yet (but only after viewing the Arrow finale).


That moment when your future self tells you, “Betch, I dare you,” all with a hand gesture and your mom dies.

That moment was tense and spooky.

That means his future self knew and and knew Barry would be there since he’d already did it.

But we don’t know why he stopped himself.

And everybody is crazy. You are gonna in essence let Barry KILL WHO YOU ARE and change reality for his own selfish needs and childish wants? It made no sense.

His father was the only one with some sense.

And The reverse flash. His transitions from evil to I love you to imma kill you and your friends was stupid and didn’t make sense. He went through this with Barry and Sisqo.

And oh my god in that moment I thought the guy that shot himself was the reverse flash of the past, even though I realize that’s impossible now.

And ummmmmm why did the reverse flash revert back to his original form?

Just no reason. No effs given.

That said. I enjoyed it. It felt big. Felt epic. Nice effects. And this coming from somone who didn’t realize he was watching the standard definition channel. god I hate that. I keep doing it. So eff Arrow.


^^^ So sad you came into Arrow when you did. It used to be flawless. Season 1 and 2 were incredible. Three started off alright until Ra’s dominated the series.


Why does the hero agree to do the ONE THING the supervillain wants him to do? Why?


Is there a legit flash thread?


No this is for both shows, can talk about whichever you want. I just didn’t want tons of threads clogging the pipeline.


I missed the first 30 minutes of the premiere of the very first Flash Episode so I figured I’d watch the rerun last night.

STILL missed when he got struck by lightning lol.




I’m psyched for another season of fun.


I literally stopped what i was doing just to watch flash and shield yesterday. It’s been so so long since I’ve seen live tv throughout the week.


Looking forward to Thea as Speedy. I have a feeling Arrow will be back to form this season. No bullshit.


Aside from John Diggle’s helmet looking idiotic, I liked it.


So far I am enjoying Arrow better than flash this season.