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Called it.




That morphing effect looks horrible.


Cool as crap to see Snow and Iris throwing down like that for the first time.


Next week looks very important lol

Tonight’s Arrow should be cool. I am kinda getting burned out on the Ra’s Al Ghul stuff though.


^ Yeah, Arrow sucks.


Most of the time a worst Arrow is even better than a great Flash.

They be making Ray a cuckhold :smiley:


The head of the demon thing needs to end soon.




I say just let Ollie stay at that Ninja Academy where they have been building up to anyway and let the show go because my god they don’t seem to have no other plot point to discover.


Have you even seen season 1 or 2?


“You’re Barren Allen, founding member of -”

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I love the A.I.

She’s got spunk.


Gay Cameo


^^^ Is he a convincing gay? lol


It was just a few seconds of 2 gay extras caressing on screen saying gay things.


Oh Arrow…Arrow…Arrow.

Normally I love sucking, but alas you have achieved the impossible.

It sucks so much, you guys. What happened to this show.

I’m so sick of flashbacks. I’m so sick of Raz owl ghoul. I’m sick of these lame scenarios to take THE ARROW out of THE ARROW. STUPID.

Come back from the break. He’s “dead”.
Then we’re stuck I’m flashback world.
Then he’s in jail.
Now he’s off with his new daddy.

Like if you don’t want THE GREEN ARROW in ARROW then call it something else.

The sidekick characters ain’t $h!#.


He’s not Arrow, he’s Batman.

I’m still curious as to the trickery of him killing Diggle or likely fake Diggle. Then seeing Diggle very much alive. Was it just an exercise proving the mind fuck worked or was he playing along? Idk I just figured if you believed you stabbed your buddy to deaths, you’d be like wtf you’re here for reals? Well okay, stabby stabby again.

At the end it became not a murder scene but a game of love connection. Wtf? Arrow is going to turn into:



Both Flash and Arrow were damn great this week.

Grodd was very convincing and well done. Katana looked great like her comic counterpart.


Grodd turned out pretty well, I thought, too. Definitely had an intimidating aura to him. The train thing seemed appropriate given the circumstances, but it felt a bit sudden.

The finales coming up look pretty crazy, though.


The Arrow needs some help. That show is directionless and aimlessly stumblong in dark pitfalls. Nothing is happening. There is no world.

They had every single character in ONE spot and still they managed NOTHING to happen.

Take Oliver’s shirt off because there’s no other reason to tune in. Not even for fake iron man.

And how come when black canary fights she puts a wig on? lololololol

Then they cut to a talking scene and she’s still dressed up except the wig is now gone. lolololol

Except last episode where they light her fight without the wig. Why? Any reasoning going on in that show?

Or does she only wear the wig in night scenes and takes it off during the day do we can’t see the fakeness more clearly?


I mean, the Ra’s stuff is yeah kinda old and the flashbacks are horrible compared to the island ones. But there are only a couple left and the next season will start anew.

I’ll admit I enjoyed the first half if the season much more but even it’s bad ones are better than a lot of other TV.