DC Comics on The CW ✪ Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow


Flash has been an improvement over last year. Arrow has been am improvement over last year.

Last year’s Supergirl was an improvement over seasons 1 and 2 and was my favorite series in the Arrowverse.

This year’s Supergirl has been an amazing improvement over last year’s and is the best of the Arrowverse this year.

We went from crying sister for 20 straight episodes two years ago to shit getting real, quickly, now.


Definitely need to check it out ASAP. Wish these were on DC Universe.

The upcoming crossover looks fucking epic, they event hinted that Smallville is one of the Earths in the Arrowverse (like 90s Flash apparently now is, and Supergirl was made to be.)

Might as well just call it the CWverse or something lol.


Teaser at the end of Supergirl this past Sunday…


Yeah that’s what I was referencing. :stuck_out_tongue: Green Arrow in this looks like Smallville’s version. Could just “only be” a lookalike/slight wink to fans, but I’m hoping it means Smallville’s being brought into the fold.


I can’t be the only one that got the nostalgic chills last night during The Flash’s episode of Elseword when That Song started playing? I don’t know why but I actually cheered at my tv when that happened.


I’m REALLY enjoying this crossover.

@Son_ALA That was a really special moment lol Made me feel an inexplainable way.


The lol jokes were funny as hell too. On Flash when they were like. “Man it’s crazy today and it’s not even Tuesday.” Had me rolling. Legends of Tomorrow was quite hilarious too. This season somehow reminds me of Saints Row 4 and Agents of Mayhem with all of their moments. There was a funny line about them missing a call from Barry, Oliver and Cara that gave me a chuckle too.




I like how the previews for the next episode said fall 2019. Bastards lol


Would you have screamed if Superman was Tom Welling? LOL


Honestly… that is exactly what i was expecting haha. I thought that we were about to see a different Earth and that there was no way they would use that song and not use him lol.


So one episode ago, Nora broke her back and was in a brace, bedridden.

This episode, she’s ice skating to start off the episode.



Wait, The Flash doesn’t have real stakes??? OMG




Fucking Dragula of all songs on Flash this week :lol: :lol:


Did you sing along to it? I know I did. I was never a Rob Zombie fan but Jet Set Radio has earned that song a place in my heart for the last 19 years.


For me it was The Matrix lol.


Same here lol 100% Jet Set. I was very disappointed with the soundtrack of the re-relesase because of music rights.


Was Dragula removed? I think i might have something wrong with my brain if I still heard that song while playing the rerelease. I don’t think I heard the other song that would play in new york, Just Got Wicked.


Dragula may have been there. Jurrasic Five was removed though I believe which played after.