DC Comics on The CW ✪ Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow


Man… this inbetweeners thing was a let down. At first I thought NBC was going to try their hand at the British comedy series that once had a short life span on mtv. It’s a really great laugh so I was stoked. After reading the description it sounds like they are just recycling Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love-Hewitt but with a few minor differences.






Explicitly leaving Legends out is a bit odd but I guess it adds too many characters to keep track of, lol. This might be the backdoor pilot for Batwoman maybe? Or an introduction before her actual show. I could see everyone trying to hunt her down since she did kill people starting out (like Batman, but unlike Batman it wasn’t retconned, as she’s an ex-soldier and it makes sense for her char starting out.)


Lois Lane too!


I’m ok with them leaving Legends out this time not everyone needs to work everything together all the time.

I look at this to be the beginning of a “Justice League” show.
Green Arrow
Supergirl (Sub for Superman)
Batwoman (Sub for Batman)

We just need a Wonder Woman like character.

They need a plan for when these shows get worse and need an out. This could be the beginning of that since Flash and Arrow are not that interesting.


It would be amazing if an old-aged Ben McKenzie shows up in the crossover at the very end as Commissioner Gordon, just to screw with everyone.


Like the Legends are in the crossover after all because somehow Batwoman fucks up the future and old man Gordon and the Legends go back to 2018 to tell the rest of the Arrowverse what happens and they have to stop Batwoman in 2018 before It’s too late…lol


Superman does exist in the universe though, but otherwise I agree.

I hope they eventually cross over with every DC show, including Titans, Doom Patrol (which just cast Brendan Fraser as Robotman), and Black Lightning. But that may be a pipe dream. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Krypton and Gotham… meh.)

The multi Earth concept is just so full of potential.


Also, someone tell me whether ANY of these shows has referenced Green Lanterns being a thing or not. Cause that seems like something Legends might have bumped it as some point.

Though I guess Arrowverse doesn’t really do cosmic stuff (yet?) The closest was the alien invasion crossover.


But Superman doesn’t do much in the Arrowverse so :man_shrugging:t2:

Lots of people exist that don’t matter…



iZombie and Lucifer are also DC shows, so why not have them cross over?

I heard somewhere that DC considers all of their DC films and animated shows as taking place in alternate realities from their films, not unlike the multiple dimensions in TMNT Forever.




She looks good.


Honestly… it looks too CG/polished. Other than the lower part of her face, everything else is covered. I wonder how much of that is actually her in the costume and how much is airbrushed photoshop filters over a generic body.


Well, spoiler alert. It IS a wig I know. The character wears one with her suit lol


She looks exactly like I expect Batwoman/Kate Kane to look.




I’ve been loving The Flash. Nora is so bae.

P.S.A. Watch Black Sails if you wanna see her wearing… nothing… :blush:

Arrow was alright, actually didn’t hate the first episode but expected to because I am sick of shows with the main character in prison lol


While I doubt The Flash (the show) will get there, I’m much more confident at least one Arrowverse show will still be around by then, and I’m sure Grant would be up for a cameo in that year’s crossover. The newspaper “Flash Vanishes in Crisis” only sorta implies he’s the centerpiece of the “Crisis,” he could easily be just one of a few major characters in it.

Though if The Flash does make it that far, I have no doubt most of the Crisis will happen in that show. Gotta pay off that pilot episode tease!