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In an attempt to make this season of The Flash suck less, Jay and Silent Bob make a guest appearance. In an ironic turn of events, I think this made it suck even more.



It’s great. Now we know the Arrowverse and View Askewniverse are one and the same. This brings Dogma into the DC canon.



Tonight’s ep of Flash was good. Everything’s set up for a showdown.


Not gonna lie, gonna miss southern hot chick Daveau. Sooooo hot that chick is lol


Fucking hated her stupid accent. It makes no sense for Davoe to have it lmao.


Lol that’s right. The accent did sound put on as fuck. I was talking in a very shallow physical sense though, chick was a hottie.


The Daveau version of her accent annoyed me , her normal self one was the typical upbeat go getter do anything type.

I miss Jynx though, I’ve seen her in a few things and I so wanted her to join team flash after the prison ep.

The Black Lightning Finale was something though. I can’t wait for the next season. These 2 eps killed it last night.


Yeah omg. If you guy’s haven’t tried Black Lightning, def give it a shot. I thought it was damn good.


lol Cisco’s “Pikaaaachu!” cracked me up tonight.


Cisco’s constant Pokemon references slay me. They’re usually not tooooo geeky, but they’re deeper than the surface-level drek we usually get from mainstream shows haha.


They are referring to Detective Lance.


So Mystery Girl is definitely their kid. I mean it was obvious since moment 1, but still.


I mean what’s his relevance to the show now? One daughter is dead (when I was watching) the other is time traveling around. He has no room to grow.


What is the relevance of anyone on the show?

It was a series about a guy who escaped an island, having been tortured for 5 years, only to return to take down corrupt people in power that his father knew and who were using wealth and fame to secretly rule the city. It was just Oliver as The Arrow, Diggle as his bodyguard, and him trying to put the pieces together with his family.

Pretty much all of that was resolved by season 2’s end.

Got off the island by year two. All the corrupt people were murdered by him. His father’s dead, his mother’s dead, his mother’s fiance hasn’t been seen in over three years, his family’s empire is gone, his once girlfriend is dead, his sister is gone.

Yet… he spent the last two years hanging around a bunch of people who have no relation to him that he simply went out one night and found on the streets and decided to recruit to replace the much better people that we actually once cared about. And he spent the last 2/3 of a season facing off against a pale clone of the villain from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation in a storyline that went absolutely nowhere.

Kill the show. Kill it. It needs to be put out of its misery.


Yup I agree.


Looks like he may have filmed this in secrecy, with the intention of already knowing he would leave when his contract was done…

Also… the alternate-universe Harrison Wells “humor” to start off the Flash this week was so cringe-worthy, I turned the fucking thing off right then and there. This show is pretty much dead to me.


I love the Reject Council of Wells.


Caught up with The Flash, including the finale. That was quite awful.

Now I’m catching up with Supergirl, which has been surprisingly decent as of late.


Yeah, nah good lol