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Basically, Oliver is going around assassinating a bunch of people because their name is in a book that his father gave him, even though his father really didn’t explain anything directly about the book other than he wanted his son to have it and his wanted to atone for the mistakes of his past.

Mind you, Oliver ripped a bunch of pages out of the book and used them for the fire in cave before he even realized that anything was written in it. For all we know, the first page could have said “PEOPLE TO SAVE:” and Oliver is just going out and killing them willy nilly.

Like… there are crazed people out there who go around killing people because of what they read in he Bible or the Koran or whatever, and how they perceive that information. And they’re treated as lunatics. Yet, he is bumping off people based on a would-be steno pad and no one seems to care.

What’s even more humorous is that he encounters other people who want to kill for the exact same reason that he claims to have OR WORSE and constantly tries to prevent them from doing so and usually ends up killing them.


Anyway… I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the show. I’m just pointing out how absurdly simple the premise is and how the we’re rooting for a guy that is not far off from this…



I wrote the last post before you wrote your response, Omega… so as a follow-up…

Yes, Felicity’s growth throughout the season is bringing a LOT to the show.

After the 10th or 11th episode, the show was beginning to bore me with the same gloomy “I need to go out and kill some random dude in this book” plotline and the random whining from Thea every episode about how she had to deal with her brother’s death for 5 years and that’s why she doesn’t care about her family anymore stuff.

It also didn’t help that Walter was there so much in the early episodes with a setup for something sinister that went nowhere with him doing absolutely nothing relevant the entire time. When he was removed from the show, no one really seemed to care. It was basically “we need one scene up front acknowledging he’s gone.” Outside of the occasional one-line from their mother, it wasn’t even until Felicity mentions him again that it’s like “Oh yeah… we should probably find out what happened to him.”

I also love the “The Hood’s a menace that must be stopped… but first I need his help… and then I’m gonna nail him to the wall… but only after he saves my daughter… for which I will stop him once and for all… after we work together this one final time… before I lock him away for life” back-and-forth nature of the cop father.

Just having Felicity there to be a dorky contrast to everything else was a nice change of pace.

As for the Island stuff… I actually thought the episode where Oliver is shot and 4/5 of the story is a flack back to that has been the best episode so far.


[quote=“Omega”]If Felicity wasn’t on Arrow it would be a total turd, she’s really the best part about Arrow by making the show less dark and gloomy all the time.

You’re probably the only one or part of very few who liked the flashbacks, even season one flashbacks were too often. I get we need it for origin story but they drug it out way too long for me personally.


Oh I STRICTLY mean season 1. After that the flashbacks should have ceased. But they think they have to be like Lost or something and think it is expected of them I guess. They have been shit basically after season 1. (Having Manu Bennett in most of the, helped)

As for Felicity, Felicity is great except for that stretch of like 10 or so episodes during last season when she was a whiny little baby, MAN that got old. To compare her, I feel she is as vital to Arrow as Cisco is to Flash in a way. Caitlyn has been just a backseat driver basically to Cisco.


So does Oliver have another sister we don’t know about?

In the final episode of season 1, Malcolm mentions that after he kills Oliver, he’s going to kill his mother and his sister. And, from what I have gathered, Thea is HIS daughter. So… why would Malcolm murder his own daughter to spite Oliver when he purposely left Tommy, Oliver’s best friend who already knew his plans, alive? Doesn’t make much sense, unless this addressed later in the series. Then again, I already know too much as it is.

The season finale was pretty good. The last two episodes were probably the best two episodes yet, outside of that flashback episode in the middle of the season. I figured they would either go the route of not being able to stop the earthquake emitter or there would be more than one that we knew about. Looks like I was right.

Also… did I see Barry vs. Barry there?



I’m just assuming this will be a Legends of Tomorrow thread from now on. First, what the hell Docter Stein? Bad super hero! You don’t rufy your partner. You don’t! Second it seems like these writers are getting better at writing pilots with every show the make. I find myself liking most of the cast. My favorites are Captain Cold, and White Canary. The only character that didn’t make me smile was Halkman.

Apparently I missed episode 9 of The Flash season 2, so finding out Harry is working with Zoom now was a surprise.


[quote=“EpicFinale722”]I’m just assuming this will be a Legends of Tomorrow thread from now on.

Apparently I missed episode 9 of The Flash season 2, so finding out Harry is working with Zoom now was a surprise.[/quote]

Yeah let me change the thread name.

I enjoyed Legends more than I thought I would. I’ll keep watching and see what happens.


I feel hooked on Legends already.


The main villain seems kind of bland. He didn’t impress me much in the crossover episodes, and impressed me less in this as well.

Though, I see the show has a few alumni from ‘Chuck’ on the writing staff… so we shall see.






[quote=“spooie”]So does Oliver have another sister we don’t know about?


Nope. Malcom’s just crazy like that, at least at that moment.


Finished season 2 of Arrow. MUCH better season this time around. Except the finale from the first season was better than the finale of the second season.

The first season of Arrow had a lot of “ehhh… it’s okay,” and a little “this is really good” going for it. Season 2, however, had a “this is really good” vibe going for almost the entire season. They seem to have figured out between season one and two what their strengths and weaknesses were and how to fix their mistakes (needless killing of everyone).

I’ve heard season 3 dips in quality again, with episodes all over the place… so we’ll see if the momentum can hold up or not.


Watching League of Legends and I don’t know if it was a purposeful reference to Rory in Dr. Who but the Arrow jusT said “McRory.”


Awesome episode. 15 minutes into tonight’s episode of The Flash, I figured out that it basically was setting up the entire first season… And that’s with my local CW channel running 5 minutes OVER the episode with Mike and Molly reruns. <_<







I am enjoying Legends of Tomorrow, my expectations were ground level but this is blowing them away.


Finished watching season 3 and the “dips in quality” observation was right. The first half seemed decent enough… the second half… one or two bright spots… but why is Felicity crying in every episode toward the end? The final episode was a letdown compared to the previous two years, and why is Barry Allen there suddenly to save the day?

I had to go look it up and Oliver shows up in Central City in episode 22 of The Flash to help capture Eobald/Welles at the same exact time he’s at Ra’s’ temple. Barry remarks that he can’t stick around and help everyone captured because he has a much-overdue conversation with Wells to take care of as well. Meanwhile, Oliver is on a plane back to Starling City. I get that Barry can manipulate time, but since when could Oliver be in exact opposite spectrums of the earth at the same time? Makes no sense at all.


I was out of it tonight and forgot all about the Flash until like 30 minites in.

I came in right when Iris was getting got.

The previews were misleading though. They made it seem as if she got got in the throat and died.

When I saw her reaction to what getting hit in the shoulder with 10 LAYERS of Coat and Jacket on when you know good and well that glass didn’t even even hit skin…just her face and the way she fell in Barry’s arms.

My Side-Eye was unique and strong.


With that slo-mo glass flying, did anyone else feel like they were trying to pull off the same effect of Doc Ock’s wife getting impaled in the head with a shard of glass in Spidey 2?


Gonna have to add Supergirl to the title now!

ew.com/article/2016/02/03/fl … ver-cbs-cw

[quote]Supergirl will stage a crossover with The Flash when Grant Gustin appears as the Scarlet Speedster on the upcoming March 28 episode of the CBS super series, EW has learned.


[quote=“Andrex”]Gonna have to add Supergirl to the title now!

ew.com/article/2016/02/03/fl … ver-cbs-cw


You are missing Constantine already, so why does it matter? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking the Supergirl crossover takes place on “Earth 3.”

They said that if it were to happen, it would need to be during a very narrow window… so I’m guessing that it ties into the season arc of parallel dimensions. Plus, it would make sense to do it that way anyway, because at some point they will want to use the same characters and won’t be able to have it make sense with different actors, unless the entire reality of existence is different.

Who knows, this might be a lead-in to Crisis somewhere down the line. Who wants to break the bad news to both of them that each is going to die?