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Wally West is being introduced this season!

“Our Wells may be evil but you’re just a dick” Yes Cisco, yes. I did enjoy Harry a lot this episode.

Even though I know it’s going to be Earth 2 Catlin that becomes Killer Frost, I find it interesting that she’s the one telling Cisco that just getting super powers isn’t going to turn any of them evil.

Zoom’s full costume is amazing.


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Even though I know it’s going to be Earth 2 Catlin that becomes Killer Frost…[/quote]

How do you know this spoiler?

Looks like Flash, but horrible.


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Because if Earth 1 Catlin becomes Killer Frost I’ll have to drop this show, and there is no way that’s going to happen.


Looks like Flash, but horrible.[/quote]

That’s why I like it. Zoom looks like a monster Flash.


Hell of an episode of The Flash tonight


It was fun as usual, and then the last quarter or so was eight kinds of “o_0”.


I’m finally watching this show (Flash), you’re welcome.


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Looks like if Supergirl’s ratings keep tanking, we’ll get Flash vs. Supergirl this May. We’ll see how they’ll handle it, but they should have been explicit about the shared universe from the start.

Hopefully they put Supergirl in Earth-3 or something, cause it makes no sense for Superman to have been active in the Arrowverse for 10+ years.


Wait. So if the show keeps getting LOW ratings, they’ll order MORE episodes in order to do the Flash Crossover in the hopes of boosting the show’s ratings…

That’s a gamble. If it sucks, let it go.

Just don’t blame the fail on the lead being a female. We need more of those, like Halle Berry. I’m tired of men.


Please turn str8.



Please turn str8.[/quote]


For some reason I feel like you’d be less annoying if you were a boring str8 normie.


Maybe he is overcompensating :smiley:


Nah, remember when you were pretending to be straight? And gay people are normal too.


ANYWAYS looks like Supergirl is getting more episodes after all.

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Great fucking seasons of both Arrow and Flash so far. Hope they can keep it up.



BTW… I’m 17 episodes of Arrow down and, honestly, Flash is the better series if the first seasons are any indication. From what I understand, Arrow seasons 1 and 3 are the weaker seasons, and 2 and 4 are the higher seasons… so we’ll see in a few more episodes how things start panning out.


Honestly I think everyone favors the first they see lol Arrow was two seasons in when Flash came about so I have a bit more affinity for it. But I LOVE Flash too. Both are great. Season 3 of Arrow wasn’t that great to me as you heard. Season 1 wasn’t as bad to me though cause it kinda kicked the whole CW superhero thing off, and I loved those island flashbacks.


If Felicity wasn’t on Arrow it would be a total turd, she’s really the best part about Arrow by making the show less dark and gloomy all the time.

If she wasn’t around who would be the heart of the show fucking Laurel? NO! How about Thea? still nope, because she’s too much like her brother.

You’re probably the only one or part of very few who liked the flashbacks, even season one flashbacks were too often. I get we need it for origin story but they drug it out way too long for me personally.

Just devote an episode maybe two max for the island stuff I mean we are still dealing with island crap it feels like a writer crutch, “we need The Arrow to have met or dealt with the bad guys before, have it happen back on the island”

That deserted island is very popular probably even a Holiday Inn on the other side of some of those trees.