Dark Phoenix ✪


Sometime within the next 45 minutes, Fox is supposed to release the first trailer for (X-Men) Dark Phoenix.

Who is staying up to check it out?

It’s supposed to be darker than the other mainline X-Men films, from what I understand… and I can’t imagine this isn’t the final main X-Men film that will come from Fox, so I’m pretty sure part of the re-shoots have to do with changing the ending to close out the franchise.




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Swapped out the original upload from a 3rd party channel for the official trailer.


You could just edit. :thinking:

Also just glad to have so many of the actors back for a fourth time. This might be the last, and at least it looks cool.


This looks Really Good. I wasn’t expecting much from it.


Since this is the end, the two things I’m hoping for are…

  1. No Wolverine.

  2. This Marvel Girl costume:


i thought Phoenix died already. But what about Logan? does he live again as well?


I only know about Dark Phoenix because of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Oh, and I guess I stumbled on one of my uncle’s comics one time and it happened to include her.


I really doubt Jackman will be back, he seemed pretty insistent about Logan being his last time as the character.

Also interesting they’re dropping “X-Men” from the title. This is gonna fuck up my digital catalog. :mad:


It looks good, I would love for this to be a spectacular end of the Fox era of X-men but I doubt they wrote it that way.


Jean was killed in The Last Stand, but… returned as hallucinations of Logan in The Wolverine and then was restored to reality after the past was altered in Days of Future Past.

This film takes place in the alternate timeline spawned from Days of Future Past and continuing into X-Men Apocalypse.

Not much is known about the actual plot and the teaser trailer serves specifically to tease, but unlike The Last Stand, this version is supposed to have the X-Men going into space and the actual phoenix force bonding with her like the comics.

Outside of the last 3 or 4 minutes of the final episode, the 4-part X-Men Animated Series version of the Dark Phoenix Saga was shockingly more comic accurate than it had any right to be, considering the rest of the series. I’d say to track it down, but you first need to watch the 5-part Phoenix Saga from earlier in the season.

And if you want to play it super cheap, the entire Dark Phoenix Saga, the 2-part Days of Future Past and another dozen or so issues PLUS are included in X-Men Essential 2, available for $5…



Don’t feel bad. The second film, regardless of what people think, is “X2” not “X2: X-Men United.” The “X-Men United” part was added in the promotional material. Originally, the film WAS called X-Men 2, but the marketing team at Fox had it changed to X2 for some reason. If I’m remembering correctly, the “X-Men United” tag was to appease Bryan Singer.

Anyway… I have digital files of many of the films and it is annoying to have “Logan” “The Wolverine” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in the chronologically opposite order, as well as X2 after all the others.

I’m guessing part of the reshoots might be dealing with closing out the franchise, being that this will definitely be the final mainline Fox X-Men film. It already completed shooting before the Fox/Disney merger agreement was even speculated back last November. People keep saying it’s in massive reshoots because it’s getting awful previews. I want to smack then around to knock some common sense. It’s getting reshoots because ALL films get reshoots now, but they have to address the fact that this is the end. If you know how the Dark Phoenix Saga ends in the comics, you know they’re going to have to change it or fans will be really, really depressed that it does not unfold as foreseen at the end of Days of Future Past.


Delayed AGAIN.


Supposedly, it is being moved closer to the summer for a larger box office pull overseas. It seems the trailer was watched 44 million times in 24 hours in China.



no no not muh alita…

and Deadpool 2 wasnt that great. it didnt really improve any of the jokes from the first film


Alita looks meh to me. CG mess with Cameron probably going an Avatar route in story telling.

The “I’m with her” tagline in the trailer didn’t help either.


OK… I’m staking my speculation.

Mystique is going to die in this. That’s the grave they’re standing over. That’s what Xaiver and Hank are grieving over. That’s why Beast is aligned with Magneto. And the shot of Beast’s head next to hers at the end of the trailer is him holder her dead body.


Looks like it but trailers can be deceiving. Wouldn’t surprise me though.



I dug the other trailers but this one is probably better for most people. Actually sets the movie up right.


Final Trailer…