Crisis on The CW ✪

Really interested to see how Reverse Flash plays into things this season. There’s talk he’s a setup for Crisis next year.



Crazy. This stuff can’t go on forever though.

Side note: Not sure if that guy is a good enough Superman to carry a show lol

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Aaaaaaaand it begins.

Yup, that’s one way to put it. Lots of changes in store for The Flash too. End of an era but at least the universe is continuing on, and I’m sure characters from the cancelled shows will pop up on the airing shows.

Yeah they prob will. I am cool with it aside from the flash forwards showing a sucky unfortunate future for Star City.

Ken, would you be willing to let me retitle the thread to the following?

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow ✪

You could. Or just make it an ALL CW thread since Arrow is ending and stuff. Up to you.

OK. And I know Black Lightning should be there too technically but I’m keeping it to Arrowverse shows…

The title is long enough anyway lol Black Lightning is pretty good though. I enjoy it, possibly BECAUSE it isn’t connected and its own thing. Idk.

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Yeah I hear people like it being separate. Though it could be just another Earth in Arrowverse and it wouldn’t really matter lol.

It pretty much is. It had a comic of other people before. I can’t remember who though lol I expect sometime something will happen where Black Lightning joins the others for a crossover event but who knows.

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It was great to have Legends finally return… and in a shocking twist considering an April 1st debut, we had a pretty serious tone episode. It was more in touch with the previous seasons compared to the over the top wackyness we had with the first half of the season.

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I haven’t seen any of this season yet but did watch it Monday. I am wondering how Amaya sounds British now lol

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Lol thats hilarious. It’s definitely explained haha. So is Gary’s missing nipple.

Latest Flash was sooooo good. Season was kind of a snoozer though. Not as many lows as s3-4 but not as many highs either. Nora was a bright spot, and I’m really excited for Crisis. Hard to believe I’ve been with this show since the s2 Christmas episode, watching every week live almost, and that’s paying off later this year…

Why would you ever take a cure though when you can just voluntarily NOT use your powers? lol Stupid. Makes sense if it is uncontrollable, but…

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I wonder if the temptation to be heroic would always be an issue…but besides that yeah, he had a super livable power. It also seems like all the tech created around the lab will keep everyone hopping around. Its still sad since he had one of those abilities that could make him the most powerful meta, as was hinted by his doppelganger.

Man… I was super choked up watching the legends finale. It seems to happen now in days whenever peoplencome together… like if i watched DBZ for the first time ever I bet that all of the citizens putting their hands up to assist in a spirit bomb would have me fighting back tears.

Watch My Hero Academia. It is fucking amazing and tears me up emotionally lol I got emotional and my eyes were watery recently watching it.