Crackdown 2 Announced




Could careless unless they can make it fun after playing 10 hours, add plot, and finish the game before releasing it.


I didn’t know there were Monsters in it…


There isnt. The first Crackdown had nothing to do with zombies at all. I have no idea where the zombie shit came from…oh well as long as its still Crackdown I will play is day 1.


The Zombies were L4D2. I’m talking about the monster thing.


I thought the Zombie shit was in Crackdown 2 as well x_x shit too many zombie/monsters lol well crackdown looks promising either zombies or monsters.


Same diff, genetic mutants, aka REzombie types.


Ya w/e I’m just glad I get to play more Crackdown! :stuck_out_tongue:


I had no problem with the core game play, the game just had no plot, wasn’t finished, and got drop dead boring after 10 hours (esp after I was able to beat the last bad guy straight up on my second try without killing a single of his gang’s flunkies first). Driving also needed some work.


Hi Gamer98


Forgot about your thread :frowning: