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Lol. I bought it. Heard that there is a bullcrap story mode, no challenges, and just little single player content. Screw that, brought it back. I should’ve read more before I wasted time. it’s nice the content is all free though but come on! I would gladly love to go back to the NES-N64 days…

Lack of characters doesn’t bother me, but this does.


I don’t have much of a problem with those since I know they’re coming later.

What I do have a problem with is that the online doesn’t work.


Yeah I don’t even want to fight online, JUST want to be connected to the server so I can get fight money. You think this wouldn’t be a problem since they had like 3 betas or something for this game.

Did some training mode to test various characters out. Charlie is a beast. LOVE the stages and background people reacting to the fights.


My favorite character is Birdie right now. Comboing into his Super is loads of fun.

Yeah. I said comboing. I couldn’t play Street Fighter IV because it was just too hard to do links in that game. The links in V feel much better. Like, there’s still a tight window, but it feels more guaranteed that you’re not going to mess up because you didn’t hit the button at exactly 1/60th of a second.


I haven’t tried Birdie yet. I thought Karin was pretty good too. I think they took the psycho crusher from Bison so people wouldn’t spam it, he can still do the kick thing though.


So I ended up playing a couple of online matches finally. The second one I ended up accidentally using a raw Super. It worked out in the end but… I need to stop doing that.

Also, I decided to order the stick off of Hori’s own site instead of Amazon (the sticks either became too expensive, or would be delivered too late for my liking.) According to my order, it’s coming on Friday. And it was only slightly more expensive than when I ordered it on Amazon the first time. Should have tried that first.



The fact that the ragequitter played Birdie and has Alex in his username makes me sad inside.


Supposedly Capcom is gonna address the rage quitting issue. I say take their fight money, that shit is valuable.



I gotta agree with this (in fact, I pretty much agreed before this video was even made.) No matter how simplified or educating a game can be, there’s still going to be the people that dominate everyone else in a game.

I actually had that experience with PlayStation All-Stars. I practiced playing as Big Daddy in training mode and against the computer a lot. I think playing against the computer is honestly a good way to develop execution, but there is a ceiling when your execution is good enough. The real joy didn’t come until I regularly played online. I kept losing a lot, not quite knowing what I was doing wrong. But the funny thing is I actually was recording all of the matches, and I went back to watch them and saw all of the mistakes I kept making. So I kept playing until I eventually started doing stuff like utilizing space properly, studying moves to see what’s punishable and what’s safe, getting around attacks that seemed impossible to avoid. I developed the fundamentals from losing to human players better than me. It felt so much better winning when I knew what I was doing.

But it’s been a while since I played it. I would definitely like to put this practice into other Fighting games when I get the time to do it.


Yeah that’s a hell of a good video.

Not gonna lie though, I am dying for an Arcade mode in SFV. Wouldn’t be as bad if survival mode didn’t have the SAME damn enemies in a row every time and the fighters aren’t randomized.



Watched this video about TatsuCap, damn that game was flashy as hell. Wonder what it looks like in Dolphin.


I decided to keep SFV. Too lazy to bring it back. Gives me a reason to dust off my fight stick.


Got my fight stick tonight. I decided to give it a go with Street Fighter V and Guilty Gear Xrd. Took a little getting used to with Street Fighter V, but I think I’m a bit comfortable enough to keep playing the game with it.

Guilty Gear was another story. I decided to go with the default arcade layout, and of course, I couldn’t do much at first. I’ve been able to do instant airdashes and some combos, but haven’t been able to do them consistently like I can on a pad. Also, my right wrist ended up hurting after some time playing. Maybe I’m putting my hand on the buttons in an uncomfortable way? Well anyway, I’m gonna try to tough it out.

And if I end up using it regularly, I’ll mod it in the future.


Using a stick is a skill in itself, you’ll get used to it. Then you’ll wonder how you ever played without it.

Use it with Fightcade and GGPO as well. Good times all around, especially in the Third Strike rooms.


Birdie is indeed a savage beast lol


My fight stick is a little shoddy. Ordered some spare parts. I beat it up pretty bad. I kinda want to build my own case to it.



I felt that the input for V-Reversal was too close to Dead Angle in Guilty Gear to be a coincidence.

Though whether Guilty Gear influenced Street Fighter V or not, it still feels better than Street Fighter IV.



Second set is why I watch Melee. Phew.

#159 … -evo-2016/

I wonder if it’s because of Evo’s larger venues, or just Street Fighter V’s recent release. Hopefully it’s the former, and we’ll see record-breaking numbers for each of the games.



I missed BEAST 6 when it was happening but these highlights are pretty choice.

Soooooo hyped for EVO.