Competitive/Advanced Gaming Discussion


Guess we’ll have to see if Ultimate does end up breaking SFV’s 2016 numbers like MrWiz said it would.

Also, I just found this video:

Great to see work being put into King K. Rool.

I do have some problems with the way he played though. So many times he grabbed at low percents but didn’t use forward throw, dash attack, because that’s always been the best option for damage off of grabs at low percents. He also climbing into the Holy Waters when he could have done a jumping Gut Check to mitigate them.

But yeah, I did see some tech that I think I’m gonna have to steal, like throwing the crown in the other direction to cover more ground.


I caught a little bit of the GDQ Frame Fatales stream last week. One of the little how-to segments on Super Mario RPG no less. I always like to see stuff like that on the schedules. Getting ready for SGDQ in a few weeks, too.

Got inspired by the Super Metroid anniversary stream a few weeks ago (worth checking out for some wacky categories and races) and decided to dabble in trying to play it very quickly myself. After an initial “watch and learn” run, I’ve improved over about four complete runs to a time of about 1:10 RTA (51 minutes in-game). Obviously nothing to really brag about, but I’m kinda proud of it. Obviously lots to improve as I solidify the route in my head. Really helps you appreciate what the truly skilled and practiced people can do. I can do some of the neat tricks (though not particularly consistently), and even if you’re not speedrunning, learning how to do something as basic as wall jumping completely changes the game by opening up a ton of sequence breaks. Heck, getting the Zebetite skip in fewer than five tries is cause for celebration as far as I’m concerned.


I’m not much of a speedrunner myself, but I do like to do the skips in Sonic Adventure’s Lost World. The gate clip is admittedly harder with the BetterSADX Dreamcast mod, but it’s still doable. I’ve beaten that level in less than 3 minutes, and it’s suppose to be an 8-10 minute level.