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Surprised to not see Smash Ultimate make it. They must have thought it wouldn’t have done well in Japan, which history shows it’s true, but with Smash crossing the million mark in Japan, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Also weird to see Tekken 7 get the snub when it had the 3rd most entrants last year. Maybe they all jumped ship to Soul Calibur?

EDIT: Wait no. Tekken 7 is at the top. I’m tired and an idiot.


Lol idiots. Ah well.


At least it’s a shoe-in for regular Evo.


I was gonna get a Panthera Evo for the easier-to-remove-glass to put art in, but with how everything needs to be checked, it looks like it’s going to be more of a hassle since it doesn’t have the easy-to-open top the normal Panthera has.

I’ll just go with the original plan to remove and replace the glass on it already.

And I’ll also get this:
Hopefully it will work with the PS4-to-Switch converter.


So I see that there has been no hype for AGDQ this year.

But I did catch a glimpse with watching the Final Fantasy IX speedrun. They must be letting the people playing and commentating have fun again because Eiffel 65 memes were plentiful.

Also, I played a Guilty Gear money match a couple of weeks ago. It was me against two people in a 2v1. That was completely unfair! They should have had five people team up against me, at least!


I’ve been watching it pretty regularly as I can during the week. Last couple of days have been good, and there’s a lot of stuff I want to go back and check out.


Two of my friends streamed stuff this year.

Justin-Credible did a Super Mario RPG run…

And was part of the MegaMan X1-3 Team run. He was MMX3 on Team X…

And then John-Michael NPC did Sword of Sodan…

[yeah… it’s not up yet]

And also the middle “commentator” for Urban Yeti!..


That’s cool. Reminds me of how someone I’ve been seeing around the scene a few years ago ended up in Capcom Cup. (He was XSK_Samurai.)


I watched most of the SMRPG run and MMX race. I had to step away, so I missed how one of the teams fell so far behind early. It’s on my list of things to go back and check out.

There was a lot of fun stuff the final couple of days, and the last couple of runs Saturday night were pretty entertaining, too.


Frosty Faustings is happening right now. Of course, Guilty Gear’s got the most entrants with over 200. The only other game there that has over 200 is… well, it’s Smash Ultimate.


Oh shit an American player won a Guilty Gear tournament that a lot of Japanese players entered into.



You know, I think it’s time to fully 100% admit that I’m not cut out to be a serious contender in Fighting games.

Though I think I can work out as a lab monster.


Every time a new Smash comes out I think “I’ll go the distance.”

Then a month after release it’s like… nah…


Laziness :grin:


Genesis results. They actually went through and listed the top 128 placements,

and not a single one played King K. Rool. People are REALLY sleeping on him, even if he’s not exactly top tier.

On the bright side, MKLeo won.


The Evo lineup is being announced on the 26th. The two things I’m hoping for are Guilty Gear still being in, and a surprise Samurai Shodown announcement complete with release date. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mortal Kombat 11 are definite shoe-ins.

Also, as someone who went to Evo last year, I have to clarify something that people have been saying about Evo, and it’s true. You have a better chance finding an oasis in a desert than cheap affordable water at Evo.


Exclusive sneak preview of Super Smash Bros. Melee Grand Finals at Evo 2019:


There will be riots over the absolute D I S R E S P E C T shown by not including Melee.




Melee had a fantastic run at Evo this past half-decade, with many classic moments and viewing numbers that most “actual fighting game” developers would die for. I’m sure the scene will continue on, and it’ll be just as interesting to watch as it’s always been.

If you’re not a fan, or even if you’re a Melee hater, then maybe you were never going to change your mind on the game, its scene, or the dedicated community behind it who saw a gem in the rough that not even the game’s actual publisher saw.

But I’d like to think there are enough open-minded people out there like MrWiz who gave Melee its due in 2013 after the community rallied and put on one hell of a charity showing.

Godspeed, Melee.