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I mean, pads can also be modded/decorated, but an arcade stick does stick out more due to size alone.

Also, might be a good idea to bring this thread up since Nintendo’s got 4 events coming up.


Good advice in this video. The example of Infinite is a really good one. People tell me it’s trash and the first thing they bring up is how some of the characters look. I’m sure some gave it an honest shot, but clearly the game was DOA for many, probably people who participate in the toxic stew of internet message boards and social media.



Well, BlazBlue IS the poor man’s Guilty Gear.


I would say they’re both for poor people.

Real G’s play Smash. :sunglasses:


I’m pretty sure it’s Smash that’s for poor people because they can’t seem to afford hygiene products, and steal everyone else’s equipment. :smile:


That cuts, breh






GrandPooBear with the stomp strats.


And people where thinking that Dragon Ball was going to top Street Fighter V’s 5K from a couple of years ago.

It is pretty sad to see all of the games go down in numbers, though I’m pretty sure BlazBlue’s numbers became that because of RWBY alone.


A one person difference in the two Smashes. :lol:


Well that’s a surprise.

I mean, I knew Guilty Gear was first with its low player count, but what really blows my mind is Melee being banished to the morning slots as well.


Should I go to the pool party before or after Melee grand finals? :thinking: Such an inconvenient time.


Brackets are up. It might not be completely final, and I think the predictions tab is kinda bullshit,

But wouldn’t I be lucky to fight against and lose to Evo 2016’s Guilty Gear champion?


Aw man.


My first time competing at Evo, and I ended up going 1-2.

Not too bad, but I could have done better.


I’d be 0-3 so kudos!


I actually went and did it.

I also did something on stream that will most likely will go unnoticed. Try to find it if you’re watching the Guilty Gear tournament (none of you, basically.)