Competitive/Advanced Gaming Discussion


Not my first time going to a tournament, but definitely first time going to Evo.



Look at this Top 16.

There’s Airdasher players, Guilty Gear players, Street Fighter players, Marvel players, Netherrealm players, and there’s even a Smash player.


I thought Infinite was a fine game other than Auto-Combos.

Also, saying in case no one else has seen it, but no Marvel at Evo this year. Some looking into makes it look like it won’t be there because Marvel themselves won’t allow it. There’s still hope for it to make it to Evo if the backlash is big enough (like Nintendo not letting Melee be streamed,) but it kind of hurts that the game isn’t there in the first place.


Haven’t played it. I aftually recently got UMvC3 recently instead during an online sale.

I traded in DB FighterZ today, I just couldn’t get into it.

I still have Tekken 7 in the wrapper on PS4, need to throw that in sometime.


They’ve got Cuphead and A Hat In Time on the list. Looks like they’ll be doing an Undertale race and finish with a glitchless FFVI run too.


I’m happy to see Celeste and Mario Maker on the list this time around. Ooo, Axiom Verge, too. I’ll have to take a closer look at the list once I get some sleep in me.



Why the VC version of Bonk’s Revenge? :thinking:


I dunno. The Turbografx VC games must run at 60.02fps instead of 59.94 like other VC games, maybe?


I just found out that they’ve opened an eSports arena next to the gaming store I’ve been shopping at. What’s more; they have a schedule at the front and they host an event called “Let The Arcs Fly.” It’s clearly meant for titles like Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ. The next time it’s hosted is on the 26th of next month. I may have finally found my time to shine.


Oh yeah. They also released the full schedule for SGDQ '18.




Could’ve sworn they put him in another Fighting game. Hard to keep track.


I’m rootin’ for MKLeo.






Lol the thought of Isaac playing mainly in his default state seems weird to me… and deeply disturbing seeing him naked from that perspective for so long. Hopefully he can transform into Guppy, that would be cool as hell.


I was liking the cast of this game until this character. Cave Story’s great and I thought the cast of Code of Princess were pretty funny. Gunvolts whatever but his design’s ok. This guy’s just very ugly imo.


He won’t be in Smash, but he’ll be in Blade Strangers: