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Well, it turns out you DO need PS+, even if the game doesn’t even use Sony’s servers. I did end up getting a two-day trial of PS+ though, and I used it for REVELATOR.

I immediately got Rank 13 after my 10 matches. Not sure how high that is, but considering I was fighting some Rank 7 or 8s, it’s probably not too bad.

I really want to get better at this game. I need to record all of my matches and learn from the ones I lose in. This game is too good for NOT learning to be better!

And of course, I should get a PS+ year subscription.


finally got gold rank in sf5 :’)

#223 … gn-choice/

So the 8 frames of lag were intentional. This sucks. All 2D Fighting games are suppose to be reactionary. Having 4 frames of lag is alright, but 8?

Also, I hate Shoryuken’s new layout.







I’m bored. So I’m just gonna post this:

Street Fighter V has 5000 entrants for Evo 2016.

The only other numbers we know are Smash 4 and Melee having over 2000, Smash 4 having more than Melee, and Pokken having over 1000. Only other details known are that Guilty Gear Xrd is way ahead of Mortal Kombat X. Mortal Kombat X has had massive drops in numbers over the past year, so it looks like both games have less than 1000 entrants each.

We should know the final numbers by midnight or in the morning.


Well, lowered my expectations for Guilty Gear to break 1K, but at least there wasn’t a total dropoff (like what happened to MK.)

Well, time to wait for Evo 2016 to officially happen.

Until then, SGDQ2016 is happening next week. I’m gonna try and catch the Spyro 3 and Ratchet & Clank speedruns. Also will watch the FFVI speedrun since I watched the FFIV speedrun last time.




I beat story mode today on SFV. It was alright.


I don’t think I’m gonna play SFV’s Story Mode for a while. I still need to get back into it though.

I think Birdie’s going to be my main and Alex is going to be my sub, unless Capcom actually buffs Alex because he’s really terrible.


I missed the Super Mario Sunshine run.


There were some cute tricks. Metroid Prime has come a long way since I remember looking at it. All this out of bounds silliness is just… silly.


Saw the Sunshine stream earlier. It’s funny. Some of the skips look like it makes the game easier.

Also, just tuned into the 2 controller Catherine stream. Is that a Chun-Li stick I see?

#235 … f=2&pli=1#

This is the spectator’s guide to Guilty Gear for when it’s up on Sunday Finals. I hope you guys can watch and appreciate it.


So here’s what it looks like I’m watching this Evo:


Smash 4 Finals
Pokkén Finals
Street Fighter V
Maybe some Marvel

Depends on when I wake up, but definitely Guilty Gear Xrd and Street Fighter V Top 8s



Did I mention I might be going to EVO this year? As a spectator of course.


Yeah. On Slack. I might be going too, of course.


First time?