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So. I entered my first Street Fighter V tournament.

It was a low turnout. Only 4 players.

I ended up getting 4th place. My opponent in the first match was about even with me. I ended up losing because I ended up making some bad mistakes. But my next match in losers’ was worse. Didn’t win a single round.

All in all, what I learned is:
I need to play this game more
The majority of Nash’s moveset must be really safe for
me to never get a hit in no matter how I blocked the
combo string
I should really learn Alex.

It was fun though, and I should go to community night next week.

Also, I think I may have cemented my “fgc name” in the future as “Dragonboy Alex.”

Speaking of which, that’s my Street Fighter V ID. Anybody want a [strike]punching bag[/strike] sparring partner?


Not quite about “advanced gaming,” but I thought this was interesting:


I think it could work out, as long as we also get more traditional games that we can connect a controller to.


[quote=“sixsicksixes”]Not quite about “advanced gaming,” but I thought this was interesting:


I think it could work out, as long as we also get more traditional games that we can connect a controller to.[/quote]

I think they could have a serious mobile fighter. Its not likely because if a company put that much effort in why wouldn’t they just sell it on console? The problem comes down to business models.

Mobile is attractive because companies see it making alot of money. Anything that uses accessories is negating what makes mobile attractive. So having a game need a controller just doesn’t work.


Evo 2016 is a month-and-a-half ahead of us. Numbers are going to be BIG this year. Street Fighter V is at over 4000, and it was just announced that Smash 4 just reached 2000 (or at least it’s close to that, since it almost did last year.) Melee and Pokken have also each broken 1000. I’m pulling for Guilty Gear to break 1000 this year. There’s no word on GG’s number of entrants, but there was no word about Mortal Kombat X’s last year until the very end, and that game ended up breaking 1000.

I’m also excited to get my hands on REVELATOR and MKX next week. The release date for REVELATOR is the same day as the California Primaries!


Smash 4 being so strong after its debut Evo is only good news. Melee’s longevity also continues to impress.


I’m not so sure. While Smash 4’s Evo numbers being bigger than last year’s is a good sign, Apex this year has less entrants all around. So much less that they cancelled the Brawl tournament, and are also on the verge of cancelling three others.

Of course, it could always mean that Smash no longer needs its own event, since it’s been showing up at other tournaments.


May has a 50/50 touch of death combo. It only works with 100% tension and Burst Overdrive though, but the damage leading up to the Burst Overdrive is insane regardless.

Watch as it never happens in a real match because no one uses May.


Well, it’s official. Smash 4 is the second game in the history if Evo to break 2K. (Or I should say 3rd, since SFIV and SFV are technically different games.)

Also, the Sunday lineup order was revealed:

  1. MKX
  2. UMVC3
  3. GGXrdR
  4. Melee
  5. SFV

This is a pretty huge change from last year. Games like Guilty Gear usually get the morning slots, but they gave Guilty Gear one of the later slots this time around. Glad to see Guilty Gear moving up! And it looks like Melee is replacing Marvel as the second game (not a huge surprise, since Marvel’s viewer count was at its worst last year.)


Can’t wait for the millions of Twitch comments during Melee saying it’s boring and taking too much time

Oh wait I can


Well, it is boring. I’d rather have Smash 4. :stuck_out_tongue:





You know, all I’ve been hearing the past few days when it comes to Fighting games is “Street Fighter V sucks! Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- is better!”

You know, as someone who actually prefers Guilty Gear over Street Fighter, I think the hate SFV is getting is unjustified. I mean, yeah, there’s 8 frames of lag on the PS4 version, and I think that needs to be addressed and shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but it’s still a great game, and the tournaments have been really hype as well. It’s definitely going to have the best finals at Evo 2016.

You’d think I’d be happy that Guilty Gear is getting better publicity than Street Fighter, but I’m just feeling sorry for Street Fighter.

EDIT: Oh. One more thing.

You know how Lupe Fiasco fought Daigo Umehara in Street Fighter V? Well it looks like he’s going to have an exhibition match in Smash 4 with ZeRo.

I mean, he got lucky against Daigo because Daigo didn’t even play Street Fighter V until that match, but ZeRo has very much been playing Smash 4. I think Lupe’s gonna get bodied.


Pardon my ignorance but what exactly is Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-? Is it a new storyline and stuff or is it akin to SF Arcade Edition?


Both pretty much. It has upgrades to the last game’s fighting system as well as new characters, but it also continues the story from the last game, -SIGN-. There’s a brief summary of the last game’s story, but the story mode has all new content.


Cool. I should get it eventually. Was a huge fan of Guilty Gear on Xbox 360. I have mad respect for the series and the devs.


there’s this:

kinda interested. never done a tourney. i would probably get slaughtered though but could be fun.


Go for it. I got slaughtered in the tourney I entered, and it was fun anyway.


Smash tournament match ends in a tie without time up.



Holy crap. :lol