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#181 … als-match/


That’s a sweet Vega hack.


survival on hard is bull with it’s cheating AI crap



The Grand Finals were great and all, but this was the highlight of the UMvC3 tourney at Winter Brawl X.





Baby would probably beat me in online matches


I’d be more impressed if the AI wasn’t so easy that it could be beaten by a… well…


I finished my project. I liked how it came out despite some mistakes.

Go Mets!


Nice. I’ve been thinking of what art to put on my stick. The ideas I’ve had were just a picture of some of my favorite characters, or a Tron-themed one with Future Raiden and PS+ May on it. Or a Cuphead-themed picture.


I should get in some games of Guilty Gear Xrd and Street Fighter V today and tomorrow. Thanks to those mystery games I streamed, I got free admission to go to the scene on Friday. Hope my first time goes well.


Alex comes March 30 as a “free trial” because Capcom is too dumb to figure out how to allow him to be purchased with real world money. … arch-ends/


I was actually gonna buy Alex because I thought he’d be worth the money. Guess I’ll have to grind Story Mode and Survival Mode.


Just story mode alone with everybody is enough. And doesn’t take long at all lol Sadly.


So I went to the scene I talked about, and I didn’t get to play Guilty Gear Xrd like I planned.

However, I ended up playing a lot of Street Fighter V.

Ended up playing with quite a few people. I was mostly winning, but only because the people I fought weren’t Street Fighter players. (One was a Tekken player, and another was a Mortal Kombat player.) Everyone I played used the DualShock 4 that was with the system, but the MK player really improved when he switched to his fightpad (plus I showed him how to play.) Quite a bit of talking too; mostly about how we all played Street Fighter II when we were kids. So I spent a good two and a half hours playing Street Fighter and conversing about Fighting games. It was great, and I plan to go again. Also, I was invited to the Street Fighter V tournament next month (though I don’t know if I’ll enter it.) Also also, they had Pokkén Tournament, and I was gonna try it, but ended up playing Street Fighter V the whole time instead.

TL;DR VERSION: So there was this one time a Guilty Gear player, a Tekken player, and a Mortal Kombat player got together and played Street Fighter V.



Also this

And this too.


So there’s a thing in Smash 4 that’s actually been found last year but a lot of people have only found out about recently called “Bidou.” It requires a drastic button layout change, and can only be done with the Wii U Pro Controller (or something similar, I’m guessing,) but it offers a lot more combat options than just using the default button layout.

We’ll just have to see if it’s the future of competitive Smash 4, or if there’s too little difference to actually matter.

Search for the info yourselves. I’m on mobile. :stuck_out_tongue:


Saw ZeRo’s video on it. It’s interesting. I don’t think it’s going to take over because of the network effects/muscle memory of GC controllers (though it’s technically possible to do it on one), but I also think it’ll become bigger than ZeRo is giving it credit for. We’ll see. Getting frame perfect anything for “free” is a huge win.






Ogawa would totally win a tournament.