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Been reading some X-Men since Bendis is gone and done destroying them.

Tom Taylor’s All-New Wolverine run is incredible. Laura Kinney and her young clone Gabby “Honeybadger” are great characters. And don’t forget their pet wolverine Jonathan.


Oh my god drusilla honey what did they do to you


I feel like they keep going in circles.

New 52: “Too much editorial control, too little for creators”
DCYOU: “There was too much creativity and not enough consistency across the brand”

Then after DCYOU failed they reigned everything back in. Then they decided to reverse again with Rebirth.

And now that the post-“reboot” sales bump is over, they’re going back to their old lines. “There’s too much creativity and not enough consistency.” And on top of that they’re backpedaling hardcore on DC Black being “almost entirely creator controlled!! You’ll see so much R rated shit!!!” Unless it’s a dick apparently.

Grow a spine DiDio. Or resign and let someone with good taste take over. Like Johns.


Yeah he is one of the worst execs in a company that for some reason just still remains in the position. Pitiful.


Picked up Ed Brubaker’s original graphic novel “My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies” and Donny Cates’ Venom vol. 1, I hear it is great. Trying Wolverines vol. 1 on clearance.

Been reading X-Men Blue and it is is pretty riveting, surprisingly impressed.



Did you read the whole series of Descender? I think you read some, correct? I ordered a deluxe edition hardcover that includes the first three volumes (16 issues). I hope it is as good as I hear.

Edit: Been reading Nick Spencer’s run on Amazing Spider-man and it is fantastic. Easily the best Spencer book I ever read.


Oh man I love that artist so much, yeah I definitely need to pick it up.


Glad younger kids are getting a dose of seemingly “good” DC, though I have to chuckle: the real Damian would definitely cringe and possibly kill at the thought of being called “Ian.” :lol:


Dan Slott’s first Fantastic Four trade is finally out. Finally they are back, but not in issue 1 lol Also picked up Justice League Dark by Tynion. GREAT line up of leaguers.