Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur trade paperback has a “Fantastic read for all ages” quote. I picked up Renew Your Vows trade vol. 1 in bargain section. I’ll try to read a few issues (chapters) and see how they are.

Side Note: Tom King’s The Vision series is tremendous so far. I am about halfway through. I guess he isn’t a total hack, his Batman still stinks though :grimacing:


More on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur being kid-friendly


Yeah I would agree with Moon Girl, I bought it for my little cousin (just really reading more now) and seems like it connected with her. I would see if Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan trades) would be a good fit. I get the impression that it would connect as well.

On a sidenote I just finished reading Wonder Woman Justice League: A League of One. Its very straight forward and one note with the character traits but I cannot lie that seeing Wonder Woman fighting a dragon was extremely satisfying


Have any of you bastards been reading comics?

I have been on a short hiatus aside from My Hero Vigilantes Manga. I did recently just order the first volume of the Fantastic Four Johnathan Hickman collection so I am very excited to start that. I have high hopes from what I know and its reputation.


Spider-Man Miles Morales has been good. Being held back from great because Bendis tries to be witty and emulate Joss Whedon and sucks at it lol




Man I been on a comic tear! I read the second volume of Cates Dr. Strange. Then started Thor binge right now! I just finished the second volume of Simonson’s run on Thor. The fight between Odin and Surtur was a blast, and we got some great emotional resonance with Thor as a person afterwards. I can see why a lot of folks say this is their fave Thor story. I also read Blood Oath Thor mini series by Michael Oeming. It was a silly romp… but man it gave me a hilarious moment with Thor and Hercules that I will never forget . I am about to read Thor Disassembled next. My goal is to finish my comic back log before I buy any others on comixology sales. The sales ALWAYS gets me.

I have Rucka’s second volume of Wonder Woman, old Avengers Story and Sandman in my backlog. Hopefully can finish them by sometime in February


How was Cates Dr. Strange? I have considered trying it.


Bendis talking sense is starting to scare me. He’s saying all the right things. Tim/Kon/Bart/(Cass) is like the holy grail of teamups for me. The 90s run of YJ was so iconic and he seems to be treating them right.


I loved the first 6 issues. A huge delight. The last 6 issues were solid but it was tied to the Dr Strange event which I didn’t get to read. The emotional throughline worked well and made me like the character more.


Yeah this looks great. Gleason’s art is terrific. I haven’t really heard much of how Bendis’ Superman run has been. I wish Professor Thorgi or somebody I trust would do a summary of how his DC stuff has been overall lol


I knew this would probably come eventually but it just reeeeeeaaaallly fucking robs Jon of what made him feel special and his amazing relationship with Superdad. Now he’s generic teen Superboy practically ripped from the Silver age. UUUUGHH BENDIS!!!


Holy sh**. I knew something was up but didn’t expect THAT.


You love Professor Thorgi too? Man he is GREAT


Yeah I trust him quite a bit when it comes to comics. He is a cool dude, I’m a fan.


Finished Injustice Year One. My God. INCREDIBLE!!! Highly recommend picking it up.

HUGE SPOILER Alfred whipping Superman’s ass was one of the most badass and surprising things I have seen in comics in years!

I have year 2 and 3 and can’t WAIT to keep going.


@Andrew How do you feel about this?


Weird, a source close to production told me the real reason: $ $ $ $ $


The one good thing to come from this is that it takes the winds out of any possible TV reboot’s sails. Not that the current in-dev show is one, but if that doesn’t make it to season, or is cancelled before the pilot even, they’ll go back to the drawing board. And I want the “reboot” pen off that board. :slight_smile:


My eyes rolled out of my head. Just say “no, we threw the Dark Horse comics in the trash” and move on, hacks. It’s not that hard.


Truly sucks balls to be Dark Horse. Lost EVERYTHING recently basically lol Star Wars, Buffy, Firefly. They did better Star Wars than Marvel though. Some God-tier expanded universe stuff. Now Marvel is so damn scared to touch anything other than movie era stuff, mostly original trilogy.