WOW I hate Tom King’s DC stuff. Just killed off a swath of characters.




Spoilers obv.

A loooot of people say this is Dan DiDio’s doing to be a prick to Geoff Johns. Apparently King wanted it a certain way and DiDio stepped in. Man is a cancer to DC (DiDio).

I have been reading strictly Marvel lately and intend to stay that way as long as they keep going on the right track. They were trash but recovered, now DC is getting dragged through the mud.


Yeah King is a really great, creative writer. If anything sucks it’s usually DiDio.

Though the only one of the bunch I care about is Wally… Why even bring him back??

Fuck DiDio.


Also lulz isn’t this just the same plot as Hal Jordan getting taken over by Parallax?

A future writer is gonna reverse this shit (Booster) so fast.


Yeah Wally ushered in the Rebirth which is why DiDio wanted to be an ass. IMO Wally should be an important character in Doomsday Clock.

Also, How was he killed by a gun? Isn’t he fast? Lol

Edit: A tremendous video explaining the DiDio thing and everything else.





He’s perfectly capable of that if you’ve read Watchmen. I wonder how Superman is goinf to fight him.


No I know I’m just saying it’s a cool piece of art.

Also that’s definitely Red Robin’s outfit. :open_mouth: TIMMY!


Isn’t it crappy how they are treating Dick Grayson as well? The sidekicks are having it rough, TOO rough.


You know… I keep asking myself how Quicksilver managed to get shot 100 times while simultaneously moving faster than the speed of light (that would be like hours on end of him just standing there getting shot) in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

And then I just remind myself that AoA blows and pop in X-Men DoFP to watch the Pentagon scene again.




The bullets were to close to the kid to avoid getting hit by them while also rescuing the kid.

PS- Age of Ultron is good, you still mad.

The DC version just doesn’t make sense, as Ken says, and they know that which is why they didn’t even show it.


Not a comic but has The Secret History of Twin Peaks on clearance for $6.97. I hopped on it.

Comic related I was at the bookstore today and got the 2014 run of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Tom King’s Vision series. I hear great things about Vision. If I don’t like it then I officially without doubt call King a hack. Stay tuned, we’ll see.


Been reading this and it is great so far.


Started Ms. Marvel series featuring Kamala Khan and it isn’t bad so far. May start Dan Slott’s Silver Surfer run for variety. Mark Allred’s art is incredibly unique.

P.S. The presentation of the Secret History of Twin Peaks is insane. I am considering ordering another just to have lol


Did anyone peep Border Town


Never heard of it but a google search revealed it looks cool.


Any superhero comic recommendations for girls aged 5 & 9? One of my friend’s daughters are getting into comics and went to see Marvel Universe Live! last night. The oldest loves everything Marvel. The youngest seems to enjoy The Wasp, Iron Fist and Spider-Man. Both also apparently really like female superhero characters, so I told their mother about Spider-Girl and Spider-Gwen being a thing. Thinking maybe Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows could be good too.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Marvel I’m not sure. I know DC has Lil Gotham. I’ll let you know if I find anything.