DC Universe is live and I’m in, AMA.

They don’t have the 90s-2000s Robin series. :frowning: They do have the complete Red Robin though.


I’m on DCUniverse as well


Nice! What’s your username? Not like it matters right now lol.



I may have jumped the gun. The service has some growing to do, but I want to make it clear that I want young justice to have so many seasons Terry Mcginnis is in it. Also I want a super sons cartoon.


Maybe this service is useful. I just got a hankering to look up Beast Boy’s first appearance (The Doom Patrol (1964) #99), and the entire stretch of comics around it is available (#96-108.)

DCU is actually useful maybe :shocked:


I may look at that later. I do like beastboy… when he’s not being rapey.


Lol I didn’t know about this, what


I’m referring to the Judas contract movie where in a sparring match with terra he straight up molested her and then terra almost kills him. None of the team pays any mind to it. I’m watching the movie like, “Sure she’s evil but that’s not okay.”


If DCU keeps adding shows at this pace it may eventually be worth it for that alone (though Titans looks like a misfire.)


I’d rather them be on Netflix or Prime instead of their own thing though. In some ways I don’t want this to be successful. I am still annoyed CBS Access exists and stuff lol Too many there are becoming. Begun the clone wars has. How can we just keep paying for new things at crazy prices?


If this had 100% everything DC branded ever and going forward (after a reasonable time delay), it would be more than worth the price.

Imagine 100% of every issue of every series of every DC imprint, 100% of their live action shows over the years including Arrowverse, 100% of the WB movies from Superman to Aquaman and Shazam, 100% of their animated shows and movies (from Max Fleischer Superman to Young Justice Outsiders.)

Then throw the original content (including what’s currently 5-6 announced live action shows, and which will only grow as time goes on) and exclusives in terms of merchandise and creator access on top of that.

That’s worth $8/month (or rather, $75/year which is the better deal) to me easily. The current DCU is a much, much tougher sell, but the potential is here for something great. And either way, DC has to adapt or die if they’re not offering an appealing enough product.


Well yeah, but you said “if” and “imagine” implying it’s not.

But I see your point.


Today is the canonical conclusion of Buffy Summers’ storyline (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12: The Reckoning #4) and I’m not sure if I’m ready to feel that in real-time (since I just nearly missed the original show’s finale.)


Almost done with James Robinson’s Fantastic Four run. Pretty good, much better than I expected.

Still like Matt Fraction’s run better because of the kids getting such center stage. The Robinson run even had the one alien kid the wrong skin color. It had him green and he is supposed to be pink.

After this is the Marvel 2 in 1 with The Thing and Human Torch then Dan Slott’s new run whenever it is collected. That will prob be collected in 2019.


I wonder what the hell is going on with Dark Horse losing Firefly AND Buffy licenses.


Disney buying Fox is what happened.

Weird they didn’t give them to Marvel proper though.


Lol Disney is the bane of Dark Horse’s existence. Took Star Wars from them too. And the Marvel books are wimpy and safe imo, only sticking to the three trilogy eras.


I think I might buy the Judas Contract New Teen TItans tomorrow.


It’s a pretty good adaptation!