I have been reading Matt Fraction’s Fantastic Four run and it is pretty damn great so far.


I found a seller selling the $100 Fraction omnibus of both FF series’ (regular family and fill ins with Ant-man as leader) for $29.99 on ebay. Couldn’t resist. It is so good. I love the alien kids in the Future Foundation. They are entertaining.

Also found a thick Black Panther hardcover with the first 12 issues of the 2016 run on clearance for $9.99.

I am in a Marvel mood lately. I can’t wait for Uncanny X-Men to come back as they teased. Looks like hopefully original Scott Summers coming back.

These are the kids I am talking about lol


Was the seller dheader? Also, how are the Fantastic Four and FF stories integrated in the Omnibus? Does it jump around or is the main line the first half and the FF line the second half?

By coincidence, I won these last week in an uncontested auction. Just waiting for them to arrive.


Yeah it was Dheader. You might as well buy his FF two trades for cheap since you got the main ones.

As for your question, when you get vol. 1 of the main Fantastic Four series, it integrates the first three FF issues mixed in (jumps around, but you’ll see it has to). The first FF trade on its own starts at issue 4 because the first three are included in Fantastic Four vol. 1.


I’ve bought many items from dheader over the last few years. He had been a great source for securing many $5 Marvel Essential collections.


Does he pack securely? I won’t order again if a seller packs the books bad and they get bent. Haven’t really had a problem yet from a seller though. I usually check feedback first.


Yes. I’ve never ordered any Omnibuses from them, but everything I’ve received has come packed very well. I think I had one little dinged corner on one book once and it was very negligible. Not damaged in-transition, but must have been received by them in that condition. If memory served me correctly, most of the stuff I received from him actually came in Diamond Comic boxes.

If you DO care about the condition your books arrive in, I might recommend avoiding auctions from marvel_dc_collector. Their prices are great, with almost all TPBs and HCs starting at 99¢, but they usually stuff them inside loose, thin, USPS envelopes and the more you order, the more loose envelopes they stuff. If they ship in boxes, they sometimes don’t put any packing material inside to cushion or otherwise protect them. And as soon as someone tosses the box into a delivery truck or plane or whatever, you’re bound to get scuffed up books. Bid at your own risk.


It was wrapped well. Flawless condition. Pages are large and great. Very pleased with the Omnibus. Can’t wait to continue reading.


Take a picture if you can of a few inside pages. I’ve contemplated ordering the Kurt Busiek Iron Man Omnibus a few times.


I set the first trade inside it and it is basically a half an inch or more taller.

What year is that Iron Man from? I am reading some of Kurt’s Conan and it is really good.


Yeah, I have a few oversized hardcovers as well. Not many, but it is nicer being slightly taller.

The Busiek Iron Man is from 1998-2000, I believe. His run was the relaunch after Marvel/Image’s year-long Heroes Reborn nonsense. He did it while also doing the relaunch of The Avengers, launching Thunderbolts and doing the maxi-series Avengers Forever. Guy was busy.

I dipped out of comics maybe around 1/3 of the way into his run, but I remember enjoying what was there.

If you want a really good run of him, immediately before, he did a 2+ year run on Untold Tales of Spider-Man as the sole writer, which was a 99¢ series that chronicled “unknown” stories from Peter’s first year that were interwoven with the 60s stories from Amazing Spider-Man. Marvel did an Omnibus of it some years back, but I didn’t know that and it goes for like $300 or so on the aftermarket.

BUT… you can find a paperback of the first 8 issues really easily as it was re-released years later as Spider-Man: Visionaries - Kurt Busiek.

Of course, if you’ve never read it, the original Marvels mini-series was great as well.


Round 2.

Guy near me, probably in his 40s, noticed I had them in my hand and came over to grab them from me. He says “Is that the original Batman?!?!” in an excited squee and I’m like “yeah, there are a whole bunch of them in the next aisle over. 100 pages each.”


That Huntress cover looks like it is from Hush.

I have been behind on my reading. Been staying up late and too tired to read before bed. That’s when I usually read. Still partway into Fraction’s FF.


I believe part of the issue is a Hush reprint story.

BTW… I ordered the Iron Man Omnibus yesterday.


Been chipping away at Matt Fraction’s FF omnibus. It is so well done. He even put himself and the artist in one chapter lol

I am REALLY enjoying the Scott Lang FF group because the Future Foundation kids are tremendous. I would love a book of JUST those kids.

Next I may read this, I picked it up fairly cheap off eBay




Adventures of the Super Sons #2

This was a really fun throwback. :lol:



So what comics do you have access to with that?


“Up to 2500, from Action Comics #1 to Rebirth.”

The service launches on the 15th so I’ll be able to look up specific titles for you then. :slight_smile: