It does but what exactly isn’t clear. Some say it’s all comics and then others say it a rotated list changing every month. I have a feeling Current Runs won’t be free but discounted.


The feeling I get reading the press release is that it’ll have “highlights,” plus some kind of rotating selection.

It’s a shame because if they just copied Marvel Now they could easily charge $10/month like they do. I like everything else I’m hearing about the service, but the comics side is oddly the weakest part it seems. Which is weird for a service called “DC Universe.”


I picked up Berserk vol. 39 because I own vol. 1-38 lol

Totally Awesome Hulk vol. 1 for clearance 4.99 and a thick volume of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl for $9.99 before coupons. Made out fairly good.




VERY happy Pete Tomasi and artist Doug Mahnke are taking over Detective Comics.


Omg really??? YES


Also I somehow didn’t realize this, but Buffy Season 12 is only running for four issues.

Four. 4. No spinoffs, either. I counted, and:

  • Season 8 had 68 issues total, including the canonical part of Angel: After the Fall (the first 17 issues) and spinoffs.
  • Season 9 had 65 total, including Angel and spinoffs.
  • Season 10 had 55 between Buffy and Angel.
  • Season 11 had 24 between Buffy and Angel.

And Dark Horse confirmed it’s the last of any Buffy/Angel comic to follow the “season” format.

Joss is writing all four issues so I wonder if this was an early tell that a new Buffyverse show was bubbling before it got officially announced/leaked. It’s certainly being billed as the culmination of the entire Buffyverse as we know it, linking Buffy (+Willow, Xander, Dawn, Spike, etc.), Angel (+Illyria, etc.), and Fray (the Slayer from the future, who had her own comic before Season 8, and also a mini-arc in Season 8 too) all together.

Considering all this, Season 12 is already halfway done. Issue #2 came out on the 18th, #3 is August 22nd, and the entire series/universe finale is #4, landing on September 19th.

For the record, I think Season 10 was the best season out of the comics. Not too long (Season 8), not too short (Seasons 11 and 12.) It’s a tough balance but Buffy was at its best mixing a season-long arc with a few diversions, and 10 nailed that the most. The new setting and character dynamics also worked really well for me.


Damn I didn’t know they were that long lol I wish they did this with Firefly.


This cover slays me lol Damian LOL


~Because “Fuck Tomasi’s sublime B&R run,” I guess.~

Edit- NVM, I should RTFA more. But still this seems off for Damian as we know/knew him.


I finished Tom Kings vision the other night. I was in awe. Splendid. I also finshed the Wonder Woman Conan crossover which turned out better than I expected. didnt like the first 2 issues. The rest were brisk and engaging and the love story tale that Conan had was enthralling


Red Hood for some reason is redisigned to look like a Mortal Kombat ninja…


Must have loved Scorpion’s fashion style when they met in Injustice.


Looks like Azrael.


I know I’m three decades late to the game on this one and maybe it is because I’ve read many other, better Batman yarns in that time, but I honestly do not get the massive hype of “The Killing Joke.” Is it a bad story? No. There is a decent backstory with the Joker’s origins, but otherwise it comes off as just another adequate single issue storyline in the long lineage of Batman tales. And the near mythological “Joker cripples Batgirl!” shock is done and over with before anything even happens. Really disappointed after so many people called it a “must read” book comic.

I am happy, however, to have picked up “Dark Night: A True Batman Story” from Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso, based on the real life events of Paul Dini. Being that awkward guy who was constantly depressed and wanting to be away from people in my youth, I could relate to this a lot. You know, with the exception of the whole mugging and skull fracturing stuff. I also loved that, being about Paul, there are fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbits of his time working at Warner Bros Animation. And any story in which a SNES appears at three different times of the story can’t be all bad.


Yeah I loved Dark Knight but I am a huge fan of Paul Dini.

Alan Moore is a God-tier writer, The Killing Joke isn’t his finest. For that you want Saga of the Swamp Thing, From Hell and Watchmen where he was firing on all cylinders.

Swamp Thing and From Hell changed the way I saw and read comic books. Moore was on a different plane of existence writing those. I refuse to read any more Swamp Thing books but those.

V for Vendetta is pretty good too but weird because the first and second half were written years apart I think. I had that knowledge in my head when reading admittedly.


Apparently, Alan Moore didn’t even care for The Killing Joke either.


Moore also created and introduced John Constantine in the Swamp Thing run. A cool thing is you can see him among the crowd of people during one scene watching. But you have to go back and look after he is introduced because before that, he is just some nameless guy.


So basically what they did with Leela’s parents on Futurama.


This was a $1 blind buy on eBay. It was worth the $1.