Found the missing Teen Titans issue.


I am really excited to get this. One of the stories is illustrated by Bruce Timm


So I’m reading Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing series right now and I’m wondering how the New 52 version is. I can probably get the entire series for around $25. Worth it?


I’m fond of it, but it’s been so long that it might just be nostalgia.


Wasn’t it just 6-3 years ago? :neutral_face:




I think there was a miscommunication. I was asking about the New 52 version. I’m already currently reading Chuck Dixon’s run.



Also… how about the New 52 Justice League books? Any good?


Oh well. All the Nightwings except for the first collection, along with the Justice Leagues, were already sold.


N52 JL ranges from good to great depending on the arc.

As for N52 Nightwing, I did misread, sorry. :grimacing: It was ok but it didn’t grab me and I dropped it after a few arcs.


If it is by Geoff Johns then get it, spooie. Remember that rule lol


The Green Lantern movie was by Geoff Johns. :neutral_face:




Not really. Berlanti, Guggenheim and 2 others did the screenplay.

Johns wrote the greatest Green Lantern comic run int he history of the character. If he had any serious type of control the movie wouldn’t have been panned.

Side note: I got that Conan book and the Bruce Timm story is only like 4 pages LOL


IDW releases Disney-brand comics. IDW releases Star Wars comics. Now, IDW will be releasing Marvel comics. Maybe I’m showing my age, but I remember when Marvel used to release their own comics. :thinking:



Crazy price. Should have just signed a deal with Netflix, Amazon or Hulu because everybody has one or more of those and don’t want another added that is just DC programming.


As of right now I don’t see myself subscribing. Titans doesn’t look great to me. I also don’t read as many comics as I used to either.


I’m a huge DC fanboy so I’ll be subscribing, but begrudgingly.


Does it come with digital comics? I didn’t see that part. But still feel same.