Indeed. Everything leading up to that whole “militant” thing was fire though. Utopia, the coming of Hope and all of that was so great.

I just got the Domino book that has a few selected Domino stories from throughout her history.


I been reading the Walter Simonson Thor run. Just the first few issues with Beta Ray Bill. This is incredible. Like glorious.


Funny you mention that. I’m reading Walt Simonson’s Fantastic Four run… first with the Superhero Registration Act before congress (during the Acts of Vengeance event), then taking Iron Man and Thor with them through time into a temporal bubble to figure out why time eventually stops in the not-to-distant-future, then back to the present in an alternate reality where Dan Quayle is president and a mechanized Joseph Stalin just launched all of Russia’s nukes at US, to getting caught in a temporal rift and crash-landing on a prehistoric island which is slowly phasing out of existence. Tomorrow begins the Days of Future Present crossover.

There is a cool scene in the time bubble where it is just word bubbles on three or four pages of black ink. You find out that there is a wormhole that is absorbing all of time and all reality with it, and the closer they get to it, the more light becomes trapped by it. So they’re trying to figure out how to escape it’s pull and there are word bubbles all over and, somehow, they pull off a conversation between 7 people that you cannot see.


There was a registration act before Marvel Civil War? Come on Marvel, how about being more original?


Flash War #3 ends with the creation of the Sage Force and Strength Force to compliment the Speed Force. :lol:

Can’t wait for THIS idea to hit the show, lol.


Yeah, there have been superhero and mutant registration acts in Marvel for a long time. Hell, that’s actually what they open the modern day with in the first X-Men film, with Jean Grey and Senator Kelly sparing about it, before Civil War as well. But, yes, it was first introduced in those issues of Fantastic Four back in 1988.


Almost no sleep last night, but I had to stop at Walmart this morning to grab a few things. Picked these exclusives up at the trading card section near the self check-out lanes. They’re supposed to launch today, but I knew a few places began selling them yesterday.

Got the last one of JLA. One extra Superman, two extra Batman left. Was too late for Teen Titans. That seems to be the one selling out the most. Launch day and they’ve already sold out on half their titles by 11am.

I’ve heard the initial shipment is 15,000 copies, distributed to 3,000 stores. 5x per title, per case. Most are reporting only one in stock at their Walmart Supercenter, except that one guy who claimed his store was getting 22 cases.

Anyway… All were in pristine condition throughout my shopping, but I’m pretty sure the cashier ripped the cover of JLA when she threw them into the bag. The loud metal “thunk” noise would have me believe so, anyway.

Thought about going back inside to grab another and keeping this strictly as a “reading copy,” but Sunday mornings at the local Walmart are crazy, and the first of the month even crazier, and waiting around in 100° heat with high humidity is insane.


I’ve been informed that if you’re a fan of current Batman storylines, you should very much avoid the New York Times for the foreseeable future.


I am going to try some of the Conan comic series. Too bad omnibus 1 and 3 are sold out/outmof print and impossible to find for a fair price. I am starting at 2 because I have no choice.

Read some X-Men Blue and can’t really hate, it entertained me.


I don’t mean to spoil anything, but…



Robin looks a little… too happy in that wedding shot, lol.


I think this is a Greg Land issue, so Robin’s probably happy because he was banging someone in the picture he traced.



Sadly it is embarassing. Upsets me to no end King is still on Batman. Sure he is great at Vision and Mr. Miracle and shit, but why can’t DC accept that just because he is good at those doesn’t mean he can write Batman? I got I think 3 trades and quit, not even going to read Jokes and riddles. What kills me is the art has been great too.




RIP. He was a true legend.


A true industry Titan. RIP. I hope it was an enjoyable 90 years. It seems like a lot of comic book industry guys, legends like Jack Kirby and Bill Finger for example, get shit on.


Finally got around to finishing the ‘Into the Time Stream’ Epic Collection. Come to find out, it’s actually the first three “Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walt Simonson” volumes rolled into one, and the last four issues are the Days of Future Present storyline, which I was only familiar with secondhand. Kind of odd having two versions of Nathan Summers, Franklin Richards and, possibly, Rachel Summers inhabiting the same timeline concurrently and no one really realizing most of it.

The ending with how they explain the adult Franklin Richards and how he came to be was interesting and I hadn’t considered that he was a time-displaced memory of himself projected into the past at the moment of his death. Also interesting how Jean rejects Rachel as her daughter when she finds out that she is and is carrying her phoenix force, while never realizing that Cable is her son.

Also, I think this may be Gambit’s first appearance, or one of his first appearances, though it is rather minor. Now I have to go and read up on Storm having been de-aged into a teenager again due to a villain named “The Nanny.”


Outside of that… I also read through the first volume of the collected 90s Nightwing series, including Denny O’Neil’s original miniseries and the first 8 issues of Chuck Dixon’s run. Not bad, though the art gets a little rubberbandy or my tastes from time to time. Was not a fan of his super long ponytail look early on, so I’m glad Dixon had it chopped off in his first issue. That thing probably was going to get him killed at some point.


I have that first volume of Nightwing but haven’t read it yet.

I have been reading the Conan comic and Thief of Thieves vol. 1 which is pretty damn good.


I won 6 Nightwing volumes and 1 Green Arrow book from a seller on eBay for $16.68 total, which includes Vol 1 and 2 in the new editions of the (mostly) Chuck Dixon run. I guess I made out OK.

Also… won a lowball bid on this for 99¢ + shipping. Figured someone would certainly outbid me, but no one did. Then I realized the seller spelled “Fantastic” incorrectly. Felt kind of bad about it, but I know the FF aren’t really “in” at the moment, so who knows it it would have made a difference…


I got a lot of 4 Thief of Thieves trade paperbacks for $29.99. It was a good deal because they are $14.99 each if bought in store. I even already have one but the deal was still worth it for the three. It was the only lot I could find on eBay of that series.

Apparently AMC is working on a TV Series of it.

I finished vol. 1 last night, it was good.