Lol that’s horrendous


From the latest issue of Dr. Strange, it seems, which I don’t read or follow.

It’s popped up a few places over the last couple days, including one of the comic groups I’m in on Facebook. Apparently, Spider-Man goes to visit Strange, but he isn’t home, so he babysits the Sanctorum and plays doorman to passer-byes looking for hm. Eventually, Stephen returns and Peter pulls out a spider that he’s been carrying in his pocket to throw on his adversaries with the hope that Strange will use his powers to let him talk to the spider. That’s the reaction he makes when he realizes that Stephen approves his request, which, apparently, he then does spend time having a whimsical converastion talking to the spider.

I tried to figure out of this was a joke, but, apparently, it’s not.


Honestly, I’ve heard some pretty unfavorable things about the quality of Marvel’s art and storytelling the last few yeras and I’ve stayed away from their recent stuff. Anyone know what is going on? Is this a “joke” issue?


Finally caught up on Vinland Saga. Makes me want to cry but a new one comes out in like 2 weeks. After I finish that one I will cry lol



You know, I was reading this earlier and thought it was a little odd… especially since the characters have crossed over into the Marvel Universe before…

Untitled 61


It just gets weirder.




Apparently, Geoff Johns was either promoted or fired depending on who you ask.

Some believe this is a smokescreen “changing roles” much like when Ken Kutaragi was “promoted” following the PS3’s reveal and early outlook.

Apparently, there have been a fewf people who left or were fired by DC in the past month, with much of it being the fallout from the poor performance of Justice League and their stagnant film series.


I was going to say that it gets weirder… but I think it actually gets weirderer.


The fact I’ve read these articles and have no idea what this actually means going forward for DC’s cinematic universe is… unsurprising, since those plans have never been clear and the chain of command for DC films at WB has always been as transparent as brick.


Instead SHOULD be getting rid of DiDio, he is trash.


Random Fact… before joining DC, Dan DiDio co-write the majority of ReBoot season 3.


This can only be a good thing.


Better than getting banned by Walmart, like the Dreamcast.


Come again?


Haven’t read too many American comics lately. Caught up on Vinland Saga finally and sadly because the wait for the next volume will be long. I also started Planetes which Makoto Yukimura wrote prior to Vinland Saga.

Last night I tried to get into X-Men Gold and found it difficult. It just isn’t the same. Kitty Pryde is their leader and the main team is Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm and Rachel Summers for now. (I hope I didn’t forget anyone).



Did you read the “Wedding” issue with the, apparent, surprise?


Nope. But I know one thing. X-Men NEEDS Scott Summers. Who ruined his character? coughBendiscough I should be clear he wasn’t the writer on the book where he died but his X-Men were stinking up the joint and I am sure he had a say in it.