Fuck, just realized this Wednesday’s Detective Comics #981 is Tynion’s last. :frowning: And probably the end of the post-Rebirth focus on Timmy. :sob:


Same for Super Sons. There’s a one-off issue coming on Wednesday that will be the run’s finale. :frowning:

Though this week’s Superman (return to dino isle) was really poignant and exemplary.






A lot of the Epic Collections can be had for cheap on eBay.

A year or so back, there was a guy with like 50 different TPBs and he couldn’t sell them for $1.99 a piece. Then, I think one day, someone swooped in and bought them all.


Anyone ever read DMZ or 100 Bullets? Thoughts?

I read the first issue of DMZ and it seemed OK enough, but doesn’t really give much for where the series is going.


Never read them but heard of them. I can say the writers are pretty good. Azarello did a fantastic Wonder Woman run to kick off her New 52 content.


Her?!?! I thought Brian Azzarello was a HE. :open_mouth:

Anyhoo… I ordered the first 7 paperbacks for $20 on eBay, so I guess I’ll find out in about two weeks.


I was referring to Wonder Woman lol I just worded it weird I guess. Sometimes I do that and yet I write for a living… go figure.


So I didn’t catch this but Adventures of Super Sons is actually a “flashback” in between the Super Sons finale (5/23) and Bendis’ new Man of Steel run (5/30.)

And I took a look at the MoS description for why that might be…

…fuck you Bendis. Don’t fucking even joke this shit with me.


It’s over. DC is fucked. King’s Batman is too incredibly inconsistent and now Bendis is ruining Superman. Just as Marvel is finally recovering a bit too. Shame.


They can’t be this stupid. They can’t be.

I’m hoping they’re just stuck in the Phantom Zone or something for one arc before coming back. Hey, they did basically the same thing to Timmy for a few months… :grimacing:


Hopefully it isn’t true that the couples are being split up. Catwoman’s new design was relased and YES I am bitter that the goggles are gone.


Just like last time (post-Batman RIP.) :bow:

Hopefully, unlike last time, they won’t kill all this character growth and momentum with another big reboot to cap it off. :mad:




I am so behind on Detective Comics. I have a trade I haven’t read yet.


Do it bitch


I don’t really like how they made Kate’s dad a nut and stuff. I liked when he was her alfred from the New 52 Batwoman.


He’s a nut early on in the run but he’s basically a sensible human being (albeit soldier) in the second.