That woman and her son move to this sci-fi wild west type planet where she becomes sheriff and that alien dude is her deputy. I don’t want to give too much away. She is a sheriff who tries to solve crimes and keep order and stuff.


So she’s just doing what all sheriffs do but in spaaace? :grin:


Lol more or less. I just don’t want to give too much away. It has been awhile too, I am going to reread volume 1 before I continue the series. Probably after I finish Panzerfaust.

Panzerfaust is a Peter Pan retelling but in WW2 France with Hook being a Nazi captain with a hook on his hand chasing the lost boys orphans and Peter.


Final issue of Tomasi/Gleason’s Superman run (#45) came out today and got me like :sob: :sob: :sob:


I need caught up, I suppose I shouldn’t be in a hurry anymore though. Superman is done under Bendis lol

Will you try Bendis, Andrex?


Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sure, what else am I gonna spend my money on…



Superman Rebirth Vol. 5 came in. Returning a veteran’s remains to his family may be my favorite thing superman’s ever done, and interviewing deathstroke may be my favorite thing lois lane has ever done.


It’s so so so so so good… and now it’s over. :frowning:



I am so far behind on Superman AND Action Comics, I read both, but like I said now I should take my time and savor it anyway because DC fucked up abd gave it to Bend-dick lol


Read ittttttttt

Also at least Superman has his undies back.


Gleason must not think it is completely moronic if he is still doing some art duties on Bendis’ Superman I guess lol


OK so first Marvel steals the “Captain Marvel” name from DC, and then they just go ahead and steal Hal Jordan’s entire origin story?

For shame, Marvel.


I’m waiting for the MCU version of Rogue to absorb her powers.


Yeah isn’t that fucking absurd? lol


Continued with Vinland Saga, started book 8. Feels great to be back. The next new volume (10) releases in June.

Can’t recommend the series enough. Please give volume 1 a shot. This is some of the covers.


Finally had the chance to check out Matt’s Baseball… the store I mentioned a few weeks back. Their prices are great and no shipping, since they’re just around 10 minutes away. Hidden away amongst a giant warehouse fortress. You’ve never even know the place was open for business from the outside. Guy inside was polite and friendly. One other customer showed up in the meantime to get stuff, but otherwise, nice and quiet.

I Stocked up on a bunch of stuff.

1x 100ct Silver Age Comic Bags 7.125 (Resealable) - $3.59 each
2x 200ct Silver Age Comic Bags 7.25 (Thick, Resealable) - $3.09 each
3x 100ct Silver Age Comic Boards - $6.75
3x 25ct 9-Pocket Card Sleeves - $2.50
1x 100ct Trading Card Team Bags (Resealable) - 99¢

Less than $10 for 300 resealable Silver Age bags seems crazy. The 100 pieces I got from Amazon were $10 alone.

He has all sorts of bag sizes… I was hoping he’d have resealable Golden Era comic bags for some of the larger trade paperbacks, but he does not carry them. Says he could carry them, but needs to put in an order to have 100,000 made… so… that probably exceeds what I’d be aiming for.


How did this escape me until now?


I ended up getting a second copy, because it was $2 and figured I might as well have a version to read and take with me and one to keep at home. It had a $5 sticker imprint on the cover and a $9.99 price sticker on the back near the bar code. Odd.

Anyway… read the first four of five chapters on the bus. Probably would have got them all in, but I was talking to someone for about 10-15 minutes. Seems well enough from what I read.


Cool. I hope you enjoy it.