Which 4 will advance to the next round?

Philadelphia Phillies VS. Colorado Rockies… ?

New York Yankees Vs. Minnesota Twins… ?

St. Louis Cardinals Vs. Los Angeles Dodgers… ?

Boston Red Sox Vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim… ?

lol Baseball.

You know, all the best sports games I’ve ever played have been Baseball. And I don’t like sports games.

Did I have a doppelganger at one point? :thinking:

This is the closest thing I could find to a Baseball thread, so here you go…

Lol who the hell is spooie1?

Could have been a duplicate account I had, but I don’t remember creating one, so I dunno.


Everyone seems to have a ____1 account from a certain period of the site.

@Andrex1 @sbf7171 etc.

I’m asking our host about it soon.

Also go Sox. :red_circle: :socks: :raised_hands:

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I miss Crud.

And hey Angels seem good this year

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For me, I am a Giants fan.

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He’s a beast too for a young greenhorn pitcher. Became a starter because of injuries and has been killing it.

I’m catching up on all the baseball stuff I missed last week…

As we close out the regular season today, let’s reflect back on one of the rarely scene uncensored ejections…

My Red Sox :sob:

Oh well it’s hockey season now anyways :smiley: