Are you fat? Flat-chested? Pirate games and change your life!


37 year-old Raymond Adams and Julie Frendo, his 33 year-old girlfriend, both felt they had imperfections. Raymond was overweight and his girlfriend felt she needed a larger chest. Well, to help pay for their body dreams to come true, Adams began pirating games and selling bootlegged DVDs from his shop called Midland Console Modifications.

The couple pulled in roughly $10,000 which they used on breast implants and a liposuction. Julie went from a 34C to 32F and he dropped a few waist sizes. The couple were featured on a cosmetic surgery site before they were caught. In the article, both admitted that their new looks helped improve their sex life. However, none of that will matter now because Raymond is facing three years of imprisonment for 44 counts of offenses again the Trade Marks Acts 1994 and Julie faces a 12 month-sentence followed by a 18-month suspension.

Way to go, guys! He better not drop the soap now since he got himself prettied up. :slight_smile:

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