[April Fool's 2019] Introducing the Pugibook, a new premium laptop



The Pugi.tv Pugibook is a portable laptop / tablet hybrid computer developed by Pugi.tv which runs PugiOS. It was announced on April 1, 2019 and will be released on April 31.

Unlike most typical PugiOS devices, the Pugibook’s retail price is much higher at around $1,000, comparable with laptops such as the Apple MacBook Air.

And unlike most operating systems which are multi-purpose and can run third-party applications, PugiOS is a purpose-driven derivative of Chromium OS and is restricted to opening Pugi.tv pages and nothing else.

Pre-orders start today at store.pugi.tv/pugibook, with prices as low as $999.99 for the 128 MB model, and going up to $1599.99 for the 1 GB model. Pugi.tv CEO @Andrew was quoted as saying “1 GB should be enough for anyone to download and post GIFs to Pugi.tv.”


Sweet! On the same day that EVERYTHING was announced for Nintendo Switch!!!




They even Leaked a Trailer of a Resurrected Old Franchise


I can’t fap to the Hot Guys thread pictures alone. Imma have to start back writing hardcore fan fiction :pensive:


It’s finalily here!
it broke…