Anyone here watch Homeland?

I have heard it was pretty good, but, much like Strikeback, never really had the chance to check it out.

I haven’t even heard of it. Is it a new show on FX or some other network?

It’s on Showtime. Just ended their first season like 2 weeks ago. Stars the girl from My So-Called Life, from one of the exec producers of “24.”

Gonna be honest… this is the major reason why I haven’t checked it out.

Showtime has a pretty crummy track record in the drama department.

Are you trying to tell me that Beach Heat: Miami season 2 WASN’T a complete dramatic overhaul of the first season?

I don’t have Showtime. My sister said that it was really good. I think Damian Lewis is a very underrated actor and seeing that Howard Gordon helped make the show makes me to check it out.

Just finished the first season and fuck these people, I have watched 6 seasons of 24 and every fucking one is subpar throughout most of it except for a few moments that turn out to be stellar. The first season of Homeland is the same way although thankfully they don’t make you suffer through 22 hours of bullshit to get to the good parts, just 6 hours of 12 hours total.

With that MAJOR criticism aside the show is outstanding. It doesn’t play so much to the fear of terrorism but focuses more on the motivations behind it and the people trying to stop it. Claire Danes does a decent job overall but to point out where she really shines would be a spoiler. Damian Lewis on the other hand never felt all that great to me, I would describe his acting as creepy and awkward throughout the entire season regardless of what was going on.

I say it’s worth it but goddamn it gets so boring and slow at times. Put it in a window and watch it while doing something else because it rarely commands all your attention.

Once I found out that he was a traitor, any chance of me seeing this show ceased. I was hoping it was a “Is he or Not” scenario.

First season was almost flawless. The second season was horrific, I will not watch the third season. They fucked up in season 2. BAD

For those who wathced longer or are on the final season, what’s the overall concensus? I remember watching the first season, but be damned if I remember anything about it. BUT… I have free Showtime until April 19th and think I can squeeze a good portion in.

Apparently, Supergirl gets naked in it at some point in season 1… so I have at least one reason to go back