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Toonami is back to normal with a new schedule tonight. Losing the first two hours and gaining a later hour. All times EST:

11:00 PM - Dragon Ball Super
11:30 PM - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
12:00 AM - My Hero Academia
12:30 AM - Mob Psycho 100
1:00 AM - Megalo Box
1:30 AM - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
2:00 AM - Black Clover
2:30 AM - Hunter x Hunter
3:00 AM - Naruto Shippuden
3:30 AM - Attack on Titan
4:00 AM - Pop Team Epic
4:30 AM - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2)

DBZ Kai is moving to an earlier 8e time, and Samurai Jack is moving to the weekdays with Adult Swim.


I highly recommend Garo Vanishing Point. About 6 or 7 episodes in and highly enjoying it.


Its too bad they stopped One Piece but I’m guessing it wasn’t popular enough dub.


With Mob Psycho 100 wrapping up this past weekend, Sword Art Online: Alicization will take its place in the 12:30e time slot. The premiere is an hour, so Megalo Box will take this weekend off. Also, it looks like they’re dropping the 4-5e hour starting next weekend (the 16th).


I need to get around to posting more info for you.

One show im really liking this season

Kaguya sama koukura setai

Havent gotten to everything but some good stuff

Hinomaru sumo
Jojos golden wind
Slime datta ken
Mob psycho ii
Tate no yuusha no narigari
Doukyounin wa hiza tokidoki
Yakusoku no neverland


So it turns out Vic Mignaners is a shithead.

I mean, I’ve known this for years, but at least everyone is finding out about it now.


Noooooooo :sob:


Yeah I have heard others say the same thing, especially now that he is in trouble.


Started the new Star Blazers 2202 which is a sequel to Star Blazers 2199 and so far it is very impressively living up to the original and honoring it. The more I watch the less worried I get.


Have a sudden urge to rewatch FMA Brotherhood.

And Gurren Lagann.


I still haven’t made it through Brotherhood yet. I love it and acknowledge it is top tier but imo it is depressing as fuck lol

Goes a bit overboard on the darkness. I tried watching it twice a couple years apart. The juxtaposition of humor and darkness is jarring at times.


Hmm, I don’t find Brotherhood that dark… in fact it’s not as dark (or “edgy” depending on point of view) as the original series (ex. with miscarriage homunculus boy, the scene with Roy Mustang attempting suicide, the series ending with Ed Elric dying twice, etc.), nor does it really approach some of the darkness in (IMO the current shonen king) Hunter x Hunter (where an arc literally starts with two little kids getting straight up murdered and eaten for no reason)…

Things get pretty bad for the characters in Brotherhood but I think around like the 75% mark all the characters kick into high gear and it gets amazing.


Episode 4 is one of the most disturbing things in any anime I’ve ever seen lol


It hurt worse in the 2003 anime, there’s several episodes build up with the Elrics staying with those characters and bonding for a few weeks beforehand lol. And one of the characters sticks around and factors into the plot for quite a while…


Watched My Hero Academia Two Heroes movie. It was everything I hoped and expected it to be. Loved it. It takes place between seasons 2 and 3 if you are curious.


A new show and a schedule shakeup coming to Toonami next weekend (the 13th). This coming Saturday (the 6th), there will be another Sword Art Online double-header.

Next Saturday, The Promised Neverland joins the lineup. Also, the schedule is changing significantly. (Disclaimers: The show announcement came out on 3/28. The schedule update was posted on the Toonami Facebook page yesterday, April 1st, but has yet to be corrected or updated as of yet.) All times Eastern:

[schedule removed due to alterations; see below]

Interesting to see JoJo falling so far down the schedule and Black Clover getting so much better a slot. I’m not sure Boruto’s new slot is super surprising. I’ll try and keep an eye out if there are any updates.


Looks like there was an update to the schedule (starting on the 13th) a couple of days ago in response to a lot of fan outcry. Again, all times Eastern:

11:00 PM - Dragon Ball Super
11:30 PM - My Hero Academia
12:00 AM - The Promised Neverland
12:30 AM - Sword Art Online: Alicization
1:00 AM - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
1:30 AM - Black Clover
2:00 AM - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
2:30 AM - Naruto Shippuden
3:00 AM - Hunter x Hunter
3:30 AM - Attack on Titan


For next week, don’t forget that part. (4-13)