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Yeah I agree. And I’ve still managed to hold off on watching 3.1 (mostly cause I don’t think it’s streaming anywhere.) In the meantime, I’ve been slowly making my way through the original series for the first time. Early stuff is kinda boring since it’s a more filler-y version of 1.1 (though I guess 1.1 is more like a leaner version of the first couple episodes.)


I doubt it’s ever gonna be available digitally, it seems like Khara and Funimation have a very basic relationship but maybe they will be more open to things now that Sony owns Funi and might have more resources. Although I’m sure 3.1 will end up on Toonami before 2020.


I follow some Funi people (and those in their orbit) and from what I can gather, Funi really wants to do a simultaneous translation of 3.0+1.0, but obviously it’s up to Khara. In any case I have hope the dub will premiere a little closer to the Japanese release than 3.1 did. :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering the trailer didn’t really reveal any story aside from Broly and them just showing up, I liked it anyway. I am still behind on Super because I have been watching the Dub on Toonami.


I’ve watched the first post-Revival of F episode a few weeks ago. Subbed to VRV for it, but haven’t gotten around to the other eps yet. :grimacing:


Good news for you the last arc is awesome.

Wiki says it will start on August 25, 2018 on Toonami.


Good. I am hoping it will be wrapped up before the new movie.


the movie’s animation is better than the tv’s animation? That’s a modern innovation that has never been done before!!!


I’m interested in how they’re adapting Judas contract stuff since it seems to focus on geoforce and terra’s relationship more then the terra bb relationship. I’m a little worried though since there’s no way the Titans series won’t adapt Judas contract.


Shiro is gay. Season 7 is introducing his fiance and season 8 is gonna be the last season. I’m happy to see a gay man in a cartoon that isn’t a joke or cliche.

I’m not sure how well invader zim has aged, but excited nonetheless.


It’s also much better than the previous two movies, which had animation on-par with (or slightly better than) the show. Don’t be a smartass. :stuck_out_tongue:


Took the words right out of my mouth. Super’s wasn’t too bad, just that one controversial shitty photo of Goku in SS3 came out early on.


I doubt it will be. There are 5 more episodes before the final arc starts and that final arc is long so they’d have to at minimum double the episodes shown to get close to finishing. If they don’t there’s no chance it finishes before the movie comes.

The final arc though is awesome. You’ll know its the new arc because the opening will change.



Female Fry in Medieval times? Since Futurama is cool this probably will be.


Seems more like leela in a leading role then fry.

I haven’t posted it because the trailer shows nothing, but they did announce a Steven Universe TV movie.


Fuck yeah! I love Steven Universe.


Likewise and like the last 10 episodes were great. Hell, all of season 5 was on point.


You guys want to hear something really retarded?

Im liking the new TMNT series. it’s so fucking great


Eva 3.0 + 1.0 teaser