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Make a damn Vinland Saga anime.




Two episodes into FLCL 2 and I’m conflicted. It’s good, but very different from the original. The animation isn’t as consistently experimental and the plot is easier to follow, but those changes should be expected from the shift between ova to tv series. Is it really fair to fault FLCL Progressive, or should I just appreciate seeing Haruko’s psychotic puberty-fairy antics, the nonsequitars that actually have significant meaning, the sexual innuendo that’s there just for the laughs, and the anime teenagers that actually act like teenagers.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure part 5


This is pretty important:


Just saw Incredibles 2. the story was a bit weak, but actually enjoyed the focus on Elastigirl. I really liked staring at her big fat independence and her sweet hot fight scenes. a few other notes, i loved her THICC prominent ass getting as much screen time as possible and the perpetually subtle breast physics present in her every motion


A reminder of the new Toonami schedule this weekend. With Dragon Ball Z Kai wrapping up last week, My Hero Academia and FLCL will each be a half-hour earlier (moving to 11e and 11:30e, respectively), and Pop Team Epic will premiere in the 12e slot.


Pop team epic is boring.

I think they were implying that Conti is Hidomi’s father. How?


Are they playing the dub or the sub?

It gets better as the series goes on but for me I only really appreciated it once I watched the reference videos on YouTube.

But overall I do think it’s an acquired taste, it reminds me of Excel Saga which is full of weird references but does a much better job with the overall story.


Pop Team Epic further encourages me to believe that 4Kids, and whoever did Ghost Stories and Shin-chan, were right to ruin our animes. they changed scripts and added jokes, but it was something this part of the world could understand


I’m with you except for the 4Kids part.


I just had a Hotel Transylvania marathon this week. I didn’t care for it til I saw it on FX and saw Genndy Tartakovsky’s name in it, and it really showed how involved he was in it


Yeah Genndy Tartakovsky is really good at what he does.


i-i know…


FANTASTIC animation imo. Perhaps God-tier. People who don’t like the animation clearly didn’t grow up watching the series or that era anime.


Yeah should be awesome they had an interview where it seems they intend to make this cannon.


The animation looks amazing, much better than the garbage stuff in Kai, Super, and the last two movies.

The story, not so much.


The Next Evangelion Movie Will Be Out In 2020

Fucking 8 years :disgust:


It’s been a long wait but I’m glad Anno went off and did Shin Godzilla to get his mind off of Eva for awhile. Hopefully now he’s finally figured out the best way to wrap things up.