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it will disappoint in the penis department. all those poor fujoshis…


Not sure if anyone here has VRV,


but they have Freakazoid!




Who is the four armed ninja turtle?


I have no idea. Not sure if the floating girl is solstice Thunder or Lightning either. Pretty sure the guy in the lame green costume is Geo-Force.


Nightwing yessss

Red Robin where??


There was a Two More Eggs season 3 this entire time that flew under my damn radar since august. I thought the good times were over


I know!


I started Legends of the Dark King: A Fist of the North Star story about Raoh (Ken-Oh), Kenshiro’s older brother. It is tough coming off the hand drawn animation to… this.

Also, I wish Raoh’s forehead was more wrinkly like it is supposed to be…


My Fist of the North Star movie blu-ray arrived today and the packaging and image quality is fantastic! Makes me want to cry. It looks SOOOO good.


As a reminder, new FLCL tonight in the 12e slot right after My Hero Academia.


I’m so anxious


“I don’t know”

I like it. At least enough to give the other 11 episodes a shot.

I love how Haruko became my favorite character all over again without knowing it was her.


buys ten tickets


Did I ever tell you guys that I like TTG? I like its self-aware humor and references to the 80s


You mean TTGL?

It’s a classic. It’s one of those shows that is over-popular for a reason. Watching it as it aired was such a fucking trip. I don’t know if anything will be quite that hype again.


I agree with everything you just said. my favorite episodes were the one about Property management and the least costly way to a college degree


Wish this would say what the actual fucking tweets said. Such lazy reporting goddamn.

In other news:


First Roseanne 2k18, and now this thing. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that they say what they say, or the part where an apology won’t revive the series


Aw man I like otherworld stories.