Animal Crossing: New Leaf ✪

My battery really did die this time!!


…not rude. :sob:

My clothes suddenly seem out of style…


Now there’s an idea…

Been feeling nostalgic so it’s a good time to bring back my GameCube/Wild World look. :slight_smile:

Catch-up dump.

March 8

Town tree has grown up big and strong. :slight_smile:

March 9

As a New Englander… I’m on board.

This month I’ve already filled 2/5 empty spots in my deep sea catalogue. 3 to go!

With K.K. Calypso added to my collection, I still have 18 / 90 songs left!



March 10

1,029,980 bells later… :grimacing:

Just 1 left I can catch until June. Just 4 deep sea creatures left overall!

Aaand I’m done combing the ocean floor until June-July. Just 3 left!

March 11

March 13

Yeah so I bought in at 98 bells

:money_mouth_face: :dollar: :heavy_dollar_sign: :moneybag: :money_with_wings:
:money_with_wings: :moneybag: :heavy_dollar_sign: :dollar: :money_mouth_face:
:money_mouth_face: :dollar: :heavy_dollar_sign: :moneybag: :money_with_wings:
:money_with_wings: :moneybag: :heavy_dollar_sign: :dollar: :money_mouth_face:
:money_mouth_face: :dollar: :heavy_dollar_sign: :moneybag: :money_with_wings:

March 15

Now I’m hungry.

Derwin had a pop quiz waiting at his house for me! :open_mouth:

Enjoying this rain. It’s also rainy IRL!

March 16

Fishing tourney is today!

Got second!!

March 17

Some pretty good advice, Portia.

March 23

If only the real stock market was so easy.


Legit played this game for over 200 hours and never found out :man_facepalming:t2:

I’M SO NERVOUS WHAT IF I MESS UP wait do I get paid for this?

I messed everyone else’s up…

The world does not deserve you, Isabelle. :heart:

March 25

Haven’t seen orange cosmos before. :o (it’s my favorite color)

March 28

Hmm, no coelacanths here…

March 31

Lost a million bells last week on Turnips, hoping this week is different!~

Practice makes perfect.

April 1



I’ll always know my real friends. :heart:

April 3

Easy and breezy.

Virtual cake.

April 7

Digging this vaporwave-inspired tee given by my BFF Bam.

God, Animal Crossing Switch can’t come soon enough. I would be fine if it was just this blown up and remastered lol

Ayyy it’s been exactly 6 years since I started New Leaf (and this thread!)

I replied, “Thank you.” :sparkling_heart:

Unfortunately I’m not sure I’ll make it to the 7-year mark, but 6+ years is still a damn long time for a single video game I think. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Did it make you emotional at all? Lol

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Yeah a little! I’ve realized for a bit that I’m crossing the six year mark, but I honestly forgot the day itself so that was a very pleasant surprise. :slight_smile:

Seems like the gift Isabelle gives on the anniversary day is new after Welcome Amiibo, so I wonder how many people even got it…

And now you’ll step down as mayor in 2020 to go on a vacation to some island and this town will fall into chaos.

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They’ve gotten by pretty well when I’ve been gone for a year or two at a time lol.

CRYING RN :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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[auspicious whooshing]

Good night for balloon hunting.

Totakeke’s a Virgo too. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Omgomgomg is that a snail?!? Is that the last “bug” I need?!?

HOLY SHIT I GOT IT! I haven’t seen snails in 6 years cause I didn’t have bushes until this year, and I usually didn’t play in June.

Yes yes yes please-

Fuck yeah!!

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Apparently I caught a Walking Leaf but never donated it to the museum… wtf. Still one more bug to do technically.


49,850 turnips purchased
× 98 bells per turnip
4,885,300 bells invested

Gonna be watching this subreddit real close this week. :eyes:

Turnip stock market lol

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Close, it’s the Stalk Market. :wink:

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Was dragging my feet on these two, could have caught them at any point on Tortimer Island, so… done.

Museum status:

67/67 fossils [complete]
71/72 bugs (need to donate walking leaf… :mad:)
29/30 deep-sea creatures (need horseshoe crab)
70/72 fish (missing giant snakehead and king salmon)
15/25 paintings
3/8 sculptures

Redd is a huge bottleneck… need to check with the police station for when he’s showing up more often.

Only Kapp’n could make this sound soulful…

First time checking out Dream Suite since Welcome Amiibo, hit me up! :sunglasses:

Monday AM price is 111 bells. If I sold everything right now I’d make an instant profit of 648,050 bells. :thinking: Gonna wait it out.


Actually I accidentally ate 400 turnips (ate a bundle of 100 four times) in the chaos of buying and moving them all yesterday, lol… So technically my buy-in is 39,200 bells more. :grimacing: Oops!

Damn you must have been hungry.

Why is it even possible to eat them :expressionless:

I just meant to throw them on the ground :sob: