Animal Crossing: New Leaf


According to my activity log I’ve put 188 hours into this game. :Q


Free update coming this fall which adds Amiibo support. Looks like you can now force certain villagers to move in/back to your town. :Q

Also some Splatoon shit, cause why not.


[quote=“Andrex”] Looks like you can now force certain villagers to move in/back to your town. :Q




its 2:46 am and youre playing animal crossing. for a moment you’re not stressed; it’s raining and you’re at peace

Seeing this got me playing tonight again for the first time in about a year. The only light coming from my TV and candle while the rain softly fell outside. :heart:

Roach duty and bedhead are the worst. :expressionless:

Never not chillaxing.

My favorite club already closed for the night. :frowning: I mean it was almost 2am but I wanted one more dance in~

Blathers is always a ray of sunshine though. :relaxed:

Ending the night with a trip to Brewster’s.

Took me a dozen tries to get the half-lid smirk look. Worth it.

Nighty-night! :heartbeat:



I guuuuuesss haha. :blush:

Honestly, these badge animations could learn a thing from Pokemon.

I finally got the last emotion from Dr. Shrunk, rounding the total out at 40! Didn’t think I’d ever get them all actually haha.

It’s… the taunt from Smash? :lol:

It’s adorbs :heart_eyes:


My 3DS has become a dedicated Animal Crossing machine. :blue_heart:


My 3DS has become a dead machine…


Play New Leaf with me!


Can’t unless you know some kind of necromancy to bring it back from the great Nintendo Store in the sky. Rest it circuits :pensive::pray:


Sorry to hear, Omega. :frowning:


It’s ok it’s been dead for a while.


The 2DS is $80 new. You should be able to find a used one for less then that. Probably less then it costs to get it repaired too.


Switch version is coming next year ya’ll. It will be OK.


Man I really don’t want to start over again. :frowning:

But I guess that’s the fun. And it’s been so long since NL that I’m in a completely different point in my life, so starting over now should make it feel new.


Well this is ironic.

Autumn serenity~

Loving this crisp fall air.

The only thing better than Dunkin. :slight_smile:


On a western shore. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I’m a big fan, Totakeke.

K.K. Bazaar~


So cute!


Today is an unlucky day apparently, so I’ve been tripping a lot. :frowning:

No lines and no cover? I guess it is only Sunday night…

Oh honey, you have no idea.

Picked this move up a few weeks back. :wink:


♪ Hark how the bells~


Time capsule time! Buried it almost two months ago.

Dancing always cheers me up. :slight_smile:

Glad to see tourism increase during my term as Mayor. :sunglasses:

It’s getting chilly, so I switched to my holiday wear.

A millionaire, but only in Animal Crossing… for now.

Uhh I’m rich in this world watch yourself

Two clumps of sugar is the perfect amount. :heart_decoration:


Ayy, crossed 200 hours.

It’s bittersweet, knowing the Switch version is out this year, but I’ll keep things going in New Leaf until then.