Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Mwahaha. :devil;

It was a dark and spoopy night…

Well, I do enjoy writing. :slight_smile:

Can’t tell if ripping off Saw or not…

I think this movie was called “The Strangers.”

I feel so deliciously evil.

Jack was a huge fan of Android 5.0 and Material Design.

Doesn’t get old.

No promises, betch.

My first actual Animal Crossing Halloween, after all these years of playing the series.

All good things must come to an end. :frowning:

Scored four pieces of exclusive furniture from the “Creepy” set. The Creepy Crystal item even glows with a skull when you interact with it! 2 spooky 4 me.



It was a dark and spoopy night…[/quote]

Don’t you tell nobody this is what you did for Halloween.


Lol I was at Foxwoods the entire day, betch.


What’s that?


Biggest casino on the east coast.



Biggest casino on the east coast.[/quote]

But don’t you live in the middle?


I’m in Boston. :confused;

And I used to live in CT. Ten minutes from Foxwoods, in fact. :confused;


Oh. When you said East Coast, I was thinking East Coast.


Those are on the east coast, ignorant dope…


#391 … ted_States

Yes. Learn geography, betch.




Never heard of it? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. In fact I’m stunned you can even use a computer and know English. :face;


Wikipedia as a source.


OK. So try to disprove it. Give your own source. (The fat old guy you paid for last night doesn’t count.) :face;


My 7 year old niece visited my town! :smiley:

We caught a KK show together. :slight_smile:

I visited her town too. She’s an AC newbie!

Dapper mode activate! If only I dressed so well IRL…

So calm. :heart;


So serene. Animal Crossing is like a zen garden.

He asked to look into his eyes and tell him what I saw… so I did.

yawn Just ten emotes left before I have the complete set!

The town tree looks dead now. :frowning:

Decked out for Christmas! Nabbed a “red pom-pom hat” from Labelle and a “tacky sweater” from Gracie. :slight_smile:

Also! I caught a Bagworm today which means I only have TWO BUGS LEFT!! I can catch a Dung Beetle next month, but will have to wait until June for the final bug (Snail.) Still, it’s so exciting being this close.

On that note I also only have three fish left, and seven deep-sea fish. Soooooo close.



My favorite villager Antonio moved away. :frowning: He’s been in my town from the start. :frowning: He gave me his pic. :frowning: :frowning:

Calm snowfall~

New Police Station opened! Gives me fond memories of the first game. :heart; (First time I’ve seen one since then in fact, wasn’t in Wild World or City Folk.)

Where’s Booker tho? :confused:

(I chose the modern police station since it looked closer to the original game’s, but I always liked Booker more as an officer…)

Whaaaaattt?? (Apparently you can trade them to snowpeople for furniture.)

Well since you buttered me up…

Dude has like, serious family issues…


NOW it’s Christmastime. Err, Toy Daytime.


Jingle better step off, I got Santa duties this year. :wag


Me and my niece dressed up for Toy Day!

I can actually buy this now!


My niece really got in the Toy Day spirit, her house was insane!

Gave the crown to her, it is Toy Day after all.

My blink game is on point.

Who are YOU spending Toy Day with?


Taking a break from the cold. As always, Kapp’n spitting that truth.

I feel out of place dressed like this…

Running along the beach~

You’re welcome, ma’am! Now gimme furniture!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Where the hell is that last weed…

Only five emotes left!

Had to ditch the bed-head.

Mmm… the best.

Another wonderful day in Serres.