Animal Crossing: New Leaf ✪

Perfect fruit is the best. I sold them in my cousins town for 5 grand each I think

I just got back from someone who gave me almost all the different kinds of fruit. Tuesday/Wednesday I should be rolling in bells.

Apparently you can plant perfect fruit and it’ll grow into a tree that only gives perfect fruit.

I think i was able to get all the fruit except oranges. Not sure if I’ll bother with harvesting that stuff though. If I need bells, I can just go to the island for 20-30 minutes and come back with 400k worth of bugs. :music;

I just need permission I think. Then I’ll have them all! I will have a town with mostly apples, but also an orchid of different fruit (expect durian).

I love how connected this game is now. It’s basically what I wanted WW’s online to be.

It definitely isn’t an MMO of course, but being able to send global messages to your online friends, and see who’s online, and with how easy they’ve made opening your gate and checking who else’s are open… it’s so much more connected. Aside from that, there’s stuff to actually do. The island is a big bonus to prod you to play with other people, and on top of the cash (expensive bugs)/item bonuses it offers, it actually has minigames. What a concept for the series. No more playing games of hide and seek or tag where basically you have to enforce the rules.

Selling stuff to other players is also much improved. Instead of leaving it at your Gyroid, you can actually display up to four items at the ReCycle shop. That goes a long way towards making things more attractive to buy. Plus any time something is bought the cash goes right to your savings.

I was highly skeptical of this game because City Folk burned me bad, and even Wild World left a kind of bland taste in my mouth (even though I poured hundreds of hours into it.) I basically saw the first screenshots with the elongated limbs and said “NOPE” (although, I’m still not entirely hot on them I suppose.) But playing online with two groups of people today (first two others from another forum, then with Sonic tonight), my experience has already passed the small bit of multiplayer I had with my sister in Wild World.

tldr, I’m really happy with this game’s online. The game finally feels like an interconnected, online world.

Just spent the last hour playing with some random japanese person. Nobody could understand each other but we still tried. Long story short she’s my best friend now.

If I had a 3DS, I’d get this. The only Animal Crossing I’ve ever played was the one on Gamecube, and it was a ton of fun back in the day.

I got this one for a friend first on Tuesday, then after watching them play it for a less than a day I had to get it. My last one was WW, which was okay but I don’t really remember it. I love this one a lot more! I (and my friend who is a guy) love that they let boys wear dresses (can you boys wear skirts?). I love that you are the mayor and have more control (plus I want to be president someday so it feeds into that). I love the bigger and better customization options, and finally the ability to modify furniture! Of course, the island is what most would consider the best feature, letting players get fruit and bells with ease. My friend in fact was thinking about giving up on the game, but then I showed them the island and one other feature and now they love it!

For me, what’s going to make this Animal Crossing a lot more fun is the ease of playing with and having more friends, but more importantly is that I have a goal! I know exactly what I want my city to look like!!!

How’d you find them? Random island play?

Yeah. She gave me a silver slingshot. :0

Luckly!!! I just want A slingshot. It sucks that you can’t actually add random island people as friends. The only way to do it would be to write down your friend codes and type them to each other.

Random island people? How?

Get 60 coins from playing games on the island and then buy the club tortimer thing.

btw turns out she’s 11. Prolly just japanese dude trolling but they just gave me a king’s crown so who cares


Apparently you can plant perfect fruit and it’ll grow into a tree that only gives perfect fruit.[/quote]

Its true. I have one and growing another. I am getting a foreign fruit one from my cousin once they grow

Weird double post…

people here checking their turnips prices everyday?

Joan didn’t show up for me on Sunday. :-/ But I am checking it for my friends. What should I be looking for? >110 bells? More?

500 and up. Some guy on gaf got this today but there’s such a long list of people ahead of me that I might not get in. @_@

One trip to the island (maxing out the storage container.)

4 goliath beetles. (6000 each)
23 fruit beetles. (6000 each)
5 cyclommatus stags. (8000 each)
4 horned elephants. (8000 each)
1 horned atlas. (8000 each)
1 rainbow stag. (10,000 each)
1 shark. (15,000 each)

267,000 bells total. :Q

It would have been 10k more but I donated my first Giant Stag to the museum (like I do for the first time I catch anything that hasn’t been donated.)

Grrrr, I need me a 3DS. I did create a villager just to try it out on my son’s system, but I need my own (or a WiiU edition)

Nice island haul andrex.
Starting to get tired of the island grind myself. I need the bells though. :frowning:

Oh well I only waste about an hour a day doing it. That’s not too much.