Animal Crossing: New Leaf


I gave a pale chub to nibbles today. Also a monkey moved into my town recently. he’s alright.


You hold L and R at the same time, and then you use the 3DS Browser to go to to upload them.

Steps at the bottom of this page:


Unfortunately, after having a blast and losing my mind over the Original Gamecube Animal Crossing, I have never been able to recapture the interest/love I once had.[/quote]

I thought the same thing, but this game is still a lot of fun. A different kind of fun than my nostalgic memories of AC for GC, but a lot of fun nonetheless. It easily eclipses the fun I had in Wild World and (especially) City Folk.


Wow way to be racist refugio


I didn’t have a wetsuit until this week and so ignored the Deep-Sea Creatures part of the Museum. I always figured all of them would be catchable any time on the island, for some misguided reason…

So now I’ve finally made a list of all the creatures I need to catch. The bold ones are catchable right now.

Got a lot of work ahead of me! Who wants to go swimming? :smiley:


I think I only need one more of those to have all of them(still need more scallops to finish the pirate theme though). Need one more bug too but it’s the tarantula. After 2 years of playing still haven’t seen one and was barely lucky enough to see a scorpion(It showed up on the last day possible). That one will probably remain incomplete forever.

Cleaned out my closet and I have some extra paintings(scary/nice/moody.) If anyone wants/needs these, they can have em. Also ordered a naked lady statue from redd today. Didn’t realize I had already donated one before I ordered it so I’ll so have an extra one of those soon.


I want the paintings! If I see a Tarantula I’ll give it to ya lol.


Thanks but I don’t think you can trade bugs

Post next time you play and i’ll open my gate open so you can get the paintings. I’ll leave them next to the station


I’m a maniac, maniac~ ♪ Still have a lot I can catch right now so I’m not nearly done.


Another new bench! I think that makes 4 or 5. Combined with the street lamps and clock, my town really is like a peaceful park.

Rocket’s b-day party… I’m only here for the cake. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Cool, err, sad story bro. :frowning:



Realized I have three empty rooms on the Museum’s second floor to put stuff instead of cluttering up my storage, so I decided to put some of my “un-sellable” (because you can’t order them in the catalog) items on display. In room 2, I put up the complete “Balloon” set for display.

In room 3, I put up my (incomplete) Egg set from the easter egg hunt a few weeks ago. I got two of Zapper’s pic, so one is here and one is in my house.

PERFECT TOWN AWWWWW YEAH. That gold watering can is as good as mine…

Who’s the landfill now, bitches?

Town hall modernization incoming! Will go well with the solar panels and windmills.



I didn’t know they dragged b!t#hes like that in Animal Crossing.

Her b!tch face is straight RESTING!


Lol yeah she was totally giving me that “Clean up this town, bitch” face lololol.

Cleaned up the fruit I left out for EpicFinale and suddenly my town is perfect all of a sudden. Yeah, cause free fruit is “garbage.” Betch.


What’s with that reaction? :disgust;

You’re damn straight.

New Town Hall! Come one, come all.

Got cloudy all of a sudden… must be that foreigner behind me.

What’s she doing in there…

4 8 15 16 23 42

So sleepy, I needed a caffeine shot at the Roost.

Ready to make some tips with my new maid outfit! :wink:



Ready to make some tips with my new maid outfit! :wink:[/quote]



Glad someone thinks so. :astonished:




Someone’s jealous I can pull it off and they can’t.


That red nose!! :wink;

Now you have to wear the maids outfit for real…


I wish I had a 3DS… :frowning:

Kicks pebbles down road


I wish you did too. :frowning:

Just go the ghetto sbf route and get a 2DS lol. I’m sure used ones are like $70-80.


[quote=“AstralFrost”]I wish I had a 3DS… :frowning:

Kicks pebbles down road[/quote]

Steal one from a store…



#PG does not condone theft.