Animal Crossing: New Leaf



What are you going to do with your new found fame!?


Snort some coke!

Wait, you said fame not fortune? :uhh


[quote=“Andrex”]Snort some coke!

Wait, you said fame not fortune? :uhh[/quote]

Well if have fortune now that would be great! But I think charging for the app would put you in real trouble.


I’m playing now and have no idea what I’m doing


Just have fun!

What’s the state of your house/town? Have you gone to the island? From 5pm-12am there’s beetles on the trees and sharks in the water and you can sell them for lots of money. Might help you out with any house expansions/public projects you want to do.

What’s your town’s fruit? Do you have any other kinds? Foreign fruit sells for 500 bells a piece (native fruit is 100.)


I enacted the Night Owl ordinance and am having a bridge built. What island and how do I get to it? I think apples are my town’s fruit.


You have to pay off the first house loan before Kapp’n shows up on the docs and can take you to a private island where his family lives. There’s minigames there and it’s great for multiplayer, and as I said, making a killing on “rare” beetles.

What time are you up until tonight? I want to visit you so we can become in-game Best Friends, and then we’ll see eachother and can chat to eachother when we’re both online.


I’ll be up until midnight at least. Gotta get up early to pick up Xenoblade 3D, though.


K. I’ll post here when I can get on. :slight_smile:


Want some money? I can give you a million.




Okay I need to shower but I should be on at about 11. I assume we are 3DS friends.


We are. We’ve had Pokemon battles. I assume that’s eastern time.


I might be on shortly after 11.


Party at my place! IN NYC!

It will involve picking weeds, getting fruit from trees, and other things.

Sorry I’ve been going through shit.


I will be on at 11(:05-ish)! Let’s hope the game doesn’t crash! Everyone make sure to save before I come over, lololol.


Gonna be another 10, sorry guyz.


Sonic isn’t online… Hmm, EF I’ll be over to your town at 11:30 if that’s OK.


That works for me.


Yo EF open yo gate (Monkey at train station, faraway visitor, all friends.)