Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Anybody want an egg wardrobe?


I’ll take it! Will you be around tonight?



I’ll take it! Will you be around tonight?[/quote]

I can be on now. :slight_smile:


I’d love to start playing again but will probably have a heart attack cause my favorite villagers will move out. I hate how they do that, punishes us for havong real lives and not being able to be on their stupid little game all the time… Don’t get me wrong, I love the game very much, it isn’t stupid I was just saying…


I don’t even know who half of my villagers are anymore. A little cool thing is that the villagers that left will pop in at the shopping street every once in awhile. I’ve seen my favorite Ricky there a couple of times but he just says the same one liner over and over so it’s not the same. I wish I could get him to move back. :frowning:


I’ve never lost a villager from not playing. Usually what happens is the day you pick it up again, if you walk around long enough one of them will act surprised and try to talk to you. Then they’ll ask to move away.

I guess if you don’t walk by them on the day you start playing again they could move away. Never happened to me though. All my fave villagers are still here.

And honestly, they’re all just preprogrammed subroutines anyways so I’m not sure I get using that as an excuse to not play. :stuck_out_tongue:


^^^^ No man, the day I play again I have mail in my mailbox with a picture of them and a goodbye letter.

I might try it again after a huge hiatus and I’ll post what happens. Idk when it will be though.


Do it. Had tons of fun playing with Sonic and two other e-peeps today. Was SO MUCH FUN. I missed this so much. The best feature by far is the Best Friends chat to keep up with people and seeing exactly when someone else is playing. So good.


I finally grinded enough Island Tours to get a wetsuit! It’s yellow and has an anchor on it. Yay!

Also, according to my Activity Log I’ve put 156 hours into this. :Q


Polygon did an article about my AC Music Chrome extension, oh my gosh.


I finally got a Balloon Table, thus meaning I have the complete balloon furniture set, thus meaning I no longer have to carry around my (gold) slingshot! Yay! More space in my pockets.

One year and 720k+ bells later, the Tower is built! Marvel at its glowiness. Next on my agenda is benches, lamps, turbines and solar cells out the ass. My town will be 90% sustainable energy by 2018!

I copped a lemon from an Island Tour yesterday, and it’s growing pretty healthily. When it’s matured, I’ll have every single variety of fruit on offer at any time in my town. Sweet!

But victories are not without their hardships, and today was an “unlucky” day for me and I tripped at a rate of around 1 per 20 seconds. :frowning: Tomorrow should be better!

Fish Tournament is Saturday, don’t miss it!


Petals flying all around today!

As Mayor, I am committed to cutting carbon emissions and ensuring 90% of Serres’ energy needs are solar/wind-based by 2019.

Petals at night are pretty too!

Scored another Redd painting today but I’m still waiting for the one from Friday to arrive…


The petals look nice

A few days ago someone finally requested a Police Station. Picked the classic one with the fat dog.



Wait there’s two?


Yeah you get to decide between two versions. I don’t think you can ever change it so I hope I made the right choice


Damn. Will have to look up what both are like then…


As someone who is very nocturnal, I should not have downloaded this game.



I’m the same way but the Night Owl Ordinance helped a lot.

I have your 3DS FC right? Hmm, we should play tonight if I’m free.


Okay, I’ll be home for midnight eastern time.


I should be around. And I might be awake! :Q