Animal Crossing: New Leaf



If you sign up, it lets you create your own catalog and then basically check items/fish/bugs/clothes/etc. off. HUGE help when making my daily run to buy everything I haven’t already bought.



Caught a tarantula last year, but the scorpion’s always eluded me… until now.


After probably 5+ hours between Saturday and today, I FINALLY caught a Gar! Damn things have such a tiny spawn rate, surprised they’re not extinct.

Here’s the fish and bugs I still need to catch:



Bitterling | River | November to February
Blowfish | Ocean | January, February (9pm to 4am)
Dab | Ocean | October to April
Football Fish | Ocean | November to March
Giant Snakehead | Ponds/Pools | June to August (9am to 4pm)
Guppy | River | April to November (9am to 4pm)

King Salmon | River Mouth | September
Loach | River | March to May
Mitten Crab | River | September 16 to November
Oar Fish | Ocean | December to May
Pond Smelt | River | December to February
Sea Butterfly | Ocean | December to February
Stringfish | River | December to February (4pm to 9am)
Tuna | Ocean | November to March



Bagworm | Trees (Shake) | November (8am to 7pm)
Dung Beetle | Snowballs | December to February (5pm to 8am)
Ladybug | Flowers | March to April (8am to 4pm)
Mole Cricket | Dirt (Dig Up) | November to April
Petaltail Dragonfly | (All Except Sea) | All Year (5pm to 7pm)
Snail | Bushes (Rainy) | June (4am to 8am)


Of these, I can only catch Giant Snakehead, Guppy, and Petaltail Dragonfly right now without changing the system clock. The latter two can only be caught from 9am to 4pm (problematic because of work), with the dragonfly only being catchable from 5pm to 7pm (less problematic, but still difficult.)

I also added all my furniture, museum items, and some clothes/accessories to MoriDB, which is a huge help in checking what I don’t have yet.

I still haven’t gotten the final upgrade for T&T because it requires passing FOUR Gracie checks which is just, no. STFU Gracie, whoever appointed you queen of fashion anyways. And now you’re holding me back from upgrading my store? Fuck you.

After I pay off the last two house payments, I’m setting my sites on the golden items (of which I only have the Slingshot) and getting as many medals as possible before I burn out.


Ah that MoriDB thing sounds helpful. Could never remember if I had something or not so annoying.

Still can’t get over Ricky leaving, but in the last few months have been feeling better about maybe returning someday.


All wounds heal in time.

Maybe… you’ll see him again… some day…


Finally paid off the second-to-last renovation (I think) and, finally, the Dream Suite! I can finally check all your guys towns out and stuff (I think.)

Also, I sunk 228,000 bells into Turnips yesterday and I’m hoping for a big windfall this week. According to the Turnip Wizard my town is in “rollercoaster” mode. All I need is for one day to be 200 bells… and bam, more than double the money. In fact, if that happens, I should be able to pay off my final renovation (598,000 I think.)

So hype.


Paid off fully expanded house. :rock (Where’s my gold statue?)

Built the Roost. :rock

Built the campsite. :rock



Been taking some trips back to Serres for the past few days. Finally got my Golden Axe to join my Golden Slingshot.

I have debuted:

  • A new town flag! (Mixing in a bit of French/American colors.)

  • A new town tune! (Kappn’s song from the original GC game.)

  • A new look for myself! (Well, actually it’s what I wore in the original and Wild World - the Big Dot Shirt and Clown Nose.)

Next on the agenda is finishing the Tower so I can get a “perfect” town (TBH I hate all these random things cluttering the town up, but they all want more development apparently…) and then hopefully get a Golden Watering Can.


Can anyone log on today and try to get me and a friend an extra Tree Egg? Since it’s Easter, Zipper T Bunny is doing the egg hunt.

Edit- Nevermind, another friend came through. If you wanna play and/or visit today though, let me know. :smiley:


For you, I will go back. Just let me know.


I will!

You don’t like playing AC anymore?


[quote=“Andrex”]I will!

You don’t like playing AC anymore?[/quote]

Just kind of fell out of the habit, and I haven’t played it in so long that I may no longer be mayor. :stuck_out_tongue:


I still play every once in awhile. I did that bunny day thing earlier today(i don’t think i did it last year.). it was ok


Yeah I saw you online Refugio! Sorry if my messages were confusing, they were to someone else but I just kinda blasted them lol.


I have 5 million bells…


lol yeah was busy egg hunting and i saw some messages and didn’t know wtf you were talking about so I just ignored them.


And I am a hoarder in the game.


WTF!!! How?? Is your house paid off?



WTF!!! How?? Is your house paid off?[/quote]

Interest. :slight_smile: And not playing for a couple years.

No because I don’t want the back room to mess up my living room. But I swear I had a second character.


I got a lot of earth eggs.