Animal Crossing: New Leaf ✪


Dang I just now saw this. Check your messages Sonic


OMFG I can’t believe I missed out on a Giant Snakehead until next year!! >_<

I really don’t wanna reset my clock back… anyone got an extra lying around? <_<

ALSO I caught a Coelacanth! Took like five minutes when I started to try, lol. I knew the thunderstorm would be good for em.


A fish?


Yeah. Only in ponds from June to August.


Find someone with a tardis…

(aka someone who time traves in their game, maybe on the gamefaqs boards)


What about you? :Q


After I finish my Mr. Freeze room I may create a Poison Ivy one.

Remember Sonic, projector and sapphires I need. I can show you what I am doing with the Freeze room sometime if you’d like


I’m currently in the process of playing each individual day for the month of August, since I pretty much forgot about the game for a month.

If you want to come visit my town to catch the fish, you can.


I have your FC right? When will you be on today?


I’ll go put it on right now. Come over whenever.


Getting on.


I’m on ken. I try to remember to be on sunday since I should be free.


I can get on now




Your place or mine? Let me know. I can head over or open mine






Could you provide 4? You have the projector as well right? My gate is open ma’am.


After dipping my toes in the Stock Market last week I’ve decided to go all-in. Just sunk 630,000 bells into the little spuds at 98 bells per.

If ANY of you have a spike, please let me know! I’m looking for 150-170 bells if possible. Remember that there are two turnip prices per day: one is set when Re-Tail opens, and it switches to a new price at noon.


Wow idk if I ever knew that the prices changed