Animal Crossing: New Horizons ✪


Even if it produces a random item or something I’ll be happy lol ANYTHING.

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Tidbits from this video:

  • Almost certainly get to the island by airplane (I was hoping for a Spirited Away-inspired surface-level train tracks myself…)
  • The entire concept of a “Perfect Town” may have been removed, and weeds may no longer be a “negative” impact on your town as they are now a resource.
  • Hairstyle demoed in the video is its debut as a “starter” hairstyle; this isn’t surprising as it was confirmed recently elsewhere that you no longer answer questions from Rover to set your in-game appearance, but instead use some kind of menu before that point.
  • Nook’s winter outfit is probably shown hanging up in his tent.
  • The axe is used to extract resources for both trees and rocks; different types of axes may influence what resources are generated.
  • She speculates whether only certain kinds of items may be placeable outside; I would speculate the reverse – that all items can be placed outdoors, but some of the bigger “public works-y” type items might be outdoor-only.
  • Flowers probably grow over time now, instead of instantly sprouting on the spot.
  • Pole-vaulting is likely needed to traverse rivers, as every island will probably start undeveloped with no bridges.
  • Digging up trees is a first for the series.
  • One of the villagers is spotted sitting down on the ground near a river, which is new behavior (and she speculates about other types of AI interaction enhancements like this.) Previously, villagers could be spotted sitting on benches, but not the ground.
  • Multi-layered towns certainly seem like they’re coming back. :hyper:
  • Villagers were spotted wearing long-sleeved shirts, a first for the series.
  • A villager was spotted wearing a “proper” dress, a first for the series.
  • Players can now create paths, and she speculates about stone and wood paths later down the road.
  • “Harvesting” flowers now leaves the stem, likely allowing the bulb to grow back. Previously, flowers would be plucked wholesale from the ground and could be replanted just as easily.
  • She speculates about whether external house customizations will be making a comeback.
  • They do show a flower wreath on the player’s door at one point, and it looks like it was crafted using in-game flowers.
  • Speculation that outdoor fences may have restrictions on their placement, similar to bushes in New Leaf.
  • The other islands at the end of the trailer are speculated to be other islands with other players.
  • Animalese sounds less high pitch in this game.

More notes from this amazing YouTuber:

  • Wind speed is confirmed to be variable, and will ruffle tree leaves softer or harder depending on the weather, a first for the series.
  • You can set your house on the beach for the first time in the series.
  • You can likely move villagers on your island for the first time in the series, at least while their houses are tents. (I believe a developer confirmed this in an interview.)
  • Something I noticed: there’s a red “badge” on the Nook Miles app icon in the NookPhone, which is a nice convenience feature to carry over from real smartphones.
  • Two theories on the small island size: it’s either an E3 demo-specific island, or there will be ways to expand it later.
  • Graphically, fruit looks like it’s just floating on top of the tree… still better than the 2D sprites used until New Leaf, but hopefully this gets tightened up before release.
  • A villager is spotted carrying the crafting item wood, and she speculates whether this means villagers will be crafting their own items for their own houses or if it’s just “set dressing” like villagers having nets and fishing poles in New Leaf.
  • The “medicine” item makes a purchaseable appearance, which is interesting as the Welcome Amiibo update removed the ability for villagers to get sick and need medicine. But it could still be strictly for treating the player’s bee wounds, however.
  • The watering can is strangely much more expensive than the fishing rod and bug net.
  • Saplings and flowers are more expensive bells-wise than past games.
  • Nook Miles seem like the successor to MEOW Coupons (as I said.)
  • The “Follow the Leader” mechanic is the biggest step towards making Animal Crossing co-op in the series to-date.
  • The “Emote Wheel” which triggers expressions like the ones taught to you by Dr. Shrunk in New Leaf is speculated to be demo-only, or at least the player will start with a lower amount.
  • You can dig up clams on the beach to craft fish bait.
  • You can learn crafting recipes from villagers, which is a great reward for leveling up your friendship. Similar to new works projects in New Leaf.
  • My speculation: grumpy villagers might have one set of recipes they can teach, chipper villagers another, etc.
  • Isabelle will return as “a support for new residents” after you pay off your tent and house to a certain extent.
  • Players are seen carrying bags and backpacks at the end of the trailer; this is speculated to possibly allow on-person inventory expansion, but personally I’m not sure if anyone should get their hopes up for that.
  • Finally, Timmy (or Tommy) is holding a flag at the start of the demo, BUT WHY?!?!?


Can you confirm that Animal Crossing New Horizons will be compatible with the amiibo range?
AK : Given the number of cards and figures available, we obviously think New Horizons will be compatible with amiibo, but I can not tell you more about this compatibility at this stage of development.

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Oh thank The Lord!!! lol


Can’t wait to visit your town constantly :3

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  • Four-player single-screen gameplay is something they wanted to originally have in the original Dobutsu no Mori (N64), and now it’s finally debuting in New Horizons almost 19 years later
  • Weekly KK Slider concerts have been confirmed
  • Nogami and Kyogoku watched the E3 Direct reaction video of Nintendo New York (formerly Nintendo World) and were “very touched and happy”
  • No in-game weddings (ed. note: people wanted this??) as players can use the variety of costumes and their imaginations (ed. note: good)
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Aw yeah.

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Barcs will you visit my town/island? :slight_smile:

The podcast will be revived as just the audio of 6-8 of us playing ACNH together.

Oh yeah. Nintendo has definitely been hitting it out of the park on a number of franchises.

I think I’m going to start playing villager and Isabelle in Smash.

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I own all amiibo but the female owl and the otter or whatever on the top left in that picture lol Sorry I forget the names. I can get them if I want though, the gamestop has them a couple towns over from me.

I am friends with the manager and they strangely got a big shipment of them a month or so ago for some reason. I bought 4 when they had buy one, get one half off awhile back lol

Nah I never remember the HHA chick’s name either, but you should really know Celeste… she’s Blathers’ sister and been with the series since Wild World. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only Amiibo appealing to me are the cards, but I have a deep-rooted TCG addiction problem. And I also like the idea of manually importing all my AC GameCube villagers to New Leaf, like my 2002 BFFs Hopper and Bunnie.




I don’t have a problem…

Too many tabs :triumph:

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