4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone.


I hope y’all enjoy the festivities. July 1st was Canada Day, but I only heard a few fireworks. Maybe they were taking place far away, or there was no sanctioned fireworks display this year due to fire concerns.


I was hearing fireworks before July even began! I thought I was gonna die!

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Yahooooo!! Lol

I am just hanging out with some family, walked my cousin through the first chapter of Alan Wake. Still holds up great.

In America its not like that. Fireworks will be crazy here people will shoot guns. Also had an earthquake today too.

Oh, I heard something about that!

America fuck yeah :cool:

Did you all see that fireworks store in SC go off. Wow

Spent the 4th at my relatives’ house. Just me girlfriend, her kids, my aunt and uncle and myself by the time we left. Neighbors were going crazy with the fireworks. Ours were more like giant sparklers.

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I know its technically not the 4th anymore but Earthquake 2. This time a 7.1

Happy Fireworks Quake

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Some deep cuts but not deep enough…